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Financial Assistance in Starting a Daycare

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  • Financial Assistance in Starting a Daycare

    This is all new to me I am interested in starting a daycare and am interested in knowing if anyone can assist me on finding grants or funding for starting a daycare instead of draining my savings account

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    Daycare Funding

    I believe each state differs in regards to grants or funding. Which state do you live in?


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      I live in Louisiana


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        Louisiana Childcare Funding and Government Assistance

        DSS funds contracts with child care resource and referral agencies which perform a variety of services for the families and child care providers in this state. Resource and referral agencies educate parents on how to recognize good child care and refer them to child care facilities operating near their home or workplace. They also help to build the child care supply by encouraging providers to enter the child care market or to expand their operations. Resource and Referral also offers technical assistance to child care providers to help them meet licensing or registration requirements and improve the quality of the care the children receive. A list of Resource and Referral Agencies follows.

        New Orleans and Thibodaux Areas
        Agenda for Children Child Care Resources
        Phone:586-8509(in New Orleans area)
        1-800-486-1712(outside New Orleans area)
        446-8330(in Thibodaux area)
        1-800-577-8052 outside Thiobodaux area

        Alexandria, Shreveport, and Monroe Areas
        Northwestern State University
        NSU Child and Family Network
        Phone:677-3150(in Shreveport/Bossier areas)
        1-800-796-9080(outside Shreveport area)

        Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Lake Charles Areas
        Volunteers of America Partnerships in Child Care
        Phone: 926-8005 (in Baton Rouge)
        1-888-926-8005 (outside Baton Rouge)

        Map to Inclusion
        Phone: 1-800-577-8052

        Excellence for Children
        Infant and Toddler Training
        Phone: 337-332-8551


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          Thanks so much for the information


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            Georgia Daycare Grants

            Where did you find that info? I've been looking for GA. Also, does anyone know anything about women owned business grants?


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              funding and grants for home day care in New York

              Hello. I am new to the forum. I am wondering if anyone has any information on grants or funding for family day cares in New York?

              Also the grants programs on the internet do you know if they a real or just scams to get your money?
              Thank you very much


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                Originally posted by Unregistered
                I believe each state differs in regards to grants or funding. Which state do you live in?


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                  I would like to find out the same info for the state of SC any help much appreciated

                  Where could I look to get grants for the set up of my in home preschool center. I intend to allow all children including those with special needs ( as I have an autistic daughter who I could not find any care for outside of the public school system) I want to give parents with special needs children the relief that there is a place to enroll their children.


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                    Financing for GA Day care

                    I too live and GA but I have a Family Child care center looking to expand and need financial resources. Can anyone tell me where to look?


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                      Grants for starting a daycare in Delaware

                      I am trying to start a home daycare in Delaware and want to get as much funding as I can so I can provide pre-k education as well.


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                        grants in iowa

                        I was wondering if anyone knew of any information the state of Iowa about grants or any information. Thanks


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                          Another good source to find information on grants is the Child Care Resource and Referral office in your area. I've been working with the county licensor to get my daycare license and though she may not have all the information she has been able to direct me to the people that do. You could also call your county (or who ever licenses daycare facilities) and ask them for direction.
                          Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back.


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                            thomas&friends daycare

                            does anyone know anything about women owned business grants
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                              I am starting a daycare in Texas

                              I live in Houston, Texas and I am looking into starting a daycare. I need some financial resources/assistance on helping me start this daycare.