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  • Question of Payment

    I removed my child from his home daycare provider last month a week early (even though I had already paid for that week) due to issues I had with the "care" provided (my infant was only being changed 2x a day, dog chewed on his bottles, other children playing/breaking his carseat; I promptly reported her to Family Services). Wen I asked the daycare provider if I would recieve that weeks' payment back, she stated no, that it was "in her contract" (which I had to get to make a copy of from her as she never provided one though I'd asked for it). I reviewed the contract and learned that I don't receive that weeks' payment back- but what I DID learn was that she owed me money back due to daycare closures/child not attending due to illness. When I pointed it out to her she got rude and said she didn't have the money (was ppaid by 5-6 other parents the day prior) and that she'd send a check out by the end of the week.
    So here it is January and I haven't received payment, so I contacted her, and she got rude with me saying that she doesn't have the money (got paid the day I called her; I pointed that out and she said sshe has other bills to pay) and that she'd get it to me when she could. I was never late with payment in the 6 months I sent my child there; so my question is: She's a certified/registered Daycare; I have a copy of the "legally binding document" (contract stating she owes that money) as she pointed out to me; how do I get my money back? What if she alters her calendar (she writes in pencil and erases a lot...) to try and say those days don't exist? I'm a single mom and the money is important, even though it is just 1/4th of what she receives for one child....HELP!

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    Daycare Operator Will Not Return Money

    I think you have a few options. Take her to small claims court which will only cost about $30 to file and you will get your money back from the court. That court usually supports your position and you may get more then what the daycare owes you. You should also contact your state's licensing agency and file a complaint. If you want to go a bit further make a complaint with the since she is a private business. Hope this helps.