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  • Concerns About Daycare Owner

    I have a relative age 15 months old in a daycare in ky. I have known the owner on a social level for several years. This is a daycare center that employee's family members. In the beginning I had several concerns about the daycare, and it has only gotten worse as time goes by. The daycare is a small daycare with 2-3 workers. I have on several ocassions heard the owner/ director and also her employee's talk about other children in the daycare making unkind remarks about them, I also have concerns about safety issues with the playground, small chocking toys, handwashing? Children left alone while sleeping, unsupervised. Visitors having contact with the children.

    On several ocassions I have ask several questions concerning activities we do not want the baby to participate in and meal time, we want her to be feed in a high chair . Nap time we want her in a crib or cot. I have on every ocassion that I have picked her up and she is sleeping found her sleeping in the floor, where everyone walks. And sometime she is alone in the room with everyone in another room laughing and talking. The main door is not locked anyone can walk in. There is only a bell that rings. Is this not violating daycare laws? Are they not bound by some kind of standards? The owner and her employee's have become very offensive towards my family. I hate going to the daycare and I hate that my relative has to leave her child at this daycare. If we ask simple questions I am answered with short, usually rude answers and snide remarks, that are usually unkind and mostly remarks about the baby, for instances, if she is eating when we go pick her up they are quick to point out and say, oh she is doing what she does best, I have not seen the owner or her workers pick up or touch the baby in awhile, only feeding her. Usually when we pick her up it is unorganized, loud and things are a mess! There seems to be no structure at all. I feel they have gotten mad at me and my family and they are taking it out on the baby. How can we know that they are giving her care during the day, feeding, supervising, and giving some basic guidence, usually they are just all sitting around talking and the kids are running and jumping They are very rude, when we ask questions, it seems to offend them that we would question them, as though we have no right to be concerned about the baby, like did she eat today, what did she eat today, did she have a BM today. The family wants the baby to be in a structured setting with rules, feeding times, nap times (in a bed) we don't place her in the floor to sleep and noone else should. I have truly learned that people are not as they appear in public. The more we try to resolve it the worse it becomes. I feel it is out of control, What can we do to resolve this problem, can this be resolved, should we even consider resolving this problem and staying with this daycare? I could write more!

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    Unclean Unsafe and Abusive Daycare Childcare

    You need to call your state's licensing agency and file a complaint. Only then is the state required to check out the daycare facility. The only way we as parents can keep the quality to the level that is needed is if we keep these daycare facilities monitored and accounted for. Which state is the daycare in?


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      Just Concerned

      We Are Located In Kentucky


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        Filing a Complaint on a Daycare Facility

        Here are the standards for certification for a family daycare in Kentucky:

        To file a complaint contact:
        Child Care Licensing Agency
        Kentucky Office of Inspector General
        Cabinet for Health and Family Services
        Division of Regulated Child Care
        275 East Main Street
        Frankfort, KY 40621
        Phone: (502) 564-7962
        Fax: (502) 564-9350

        Read the requirements and if you feel the daycare is defrauding the parents and public I urge you to contact the issuing Licensing Agency.


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          As the owner of a daycare in KY, I would never permit any of the things you discuss to happen at my center. Why does your family continue to use this center. I agree you should report this center, but more importantly you should move this child immediately. We never allow any of our children to sleep on the floor, never leave any child sleeping alone, always greet the parent (or whoever picks the child up), and we are happy to tell you exactly what and how much each child eats daily or just to talk abut the child's day.

          I also have a small center and this just makes it that much easier to be personally knowledgeable about what hapens in each child's day. There are many wonderful small centers out there that you will love and would appreciate the opportunity to have you and your family as clients. What part of KY are you located in?


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            If your child is still in this daycare or you have not filed a formal complaint it would appear that you are not as concerned as your letter indicates. Our children are our most prized possession and it is us as parents to insure proper care is provided.


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              Our child is no longer in this daycare is at home with a lady who comes to our home and we are so much happier. The daycare was reported, although we did not report them ...(someone else did), the owner thought it was our family and basically stated the child would be happier somewhere else and you know what? The child is not only happier but the whole family is estatic the baby does not have to go back to that daycare. We know from experience that things are not always as they appear at daycare. I hope our family never has to use a daycare center again it was a very bad experience.
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                I am A Daycare Home....
                I do not know why you waited as long as you did to move the baby.
                Children are never permitted to sleep on the floor directly. Depending on the age of the child, w use crib, mat or cots.
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                  Well you just need to follow state laws if you own a daycare center it should not be treated as a casual babysitting job. People are paying you daycare people to watch children. and they do expect you to be up to par when it comes to state is a law that parents be notified about anything that happens in the facility concerning their child, how ever minut it may seem to you it may be very important to the parents.


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                    sorry but they were at this facility!


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                      They were not I have a list of non-compliant items with names and times.........