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  • Do I report???

    I have worked with children all my life. I ran a home daycare for two years and have worked in two centers. I recently had an issue with the center I last worked is the storey. I worked there for 7 months, during my last week I heard from another teacher that a certain teacher had gave a baby in her class a bloody nose from pushing her head down during nap trying to make her sleep! I couldn't believe what I heard! That same day that certain teacher came into my two year old class to help me at nap time so I decided to watch her CLOSELY. One of my kids was having a hard time staying on her bed, so that teacher went to her, grabbed her arms, looked her in the eyes and was face to face with her shaking her telling her to "stop it now and go to sleep" then slammed her on the bed! I was furious! I went to my boss told her how I heard she gave a baby a bloody nose, then what I witnessed her doing in my class. My boss said she knew about the bloody nose and it was an accident and gave me some lame excuses. I told her she should at least watch that teacher and see for herself how she reacts! She said she would. THEN the next day about 10 before my shift was up, another teacher came and got me told me I was no longer on the payroll and my boss couldn't stay to talk with me she was busy and there was communication issues!!!!!! I was so mad she didn't fire me herself, or give me a reason why I was being fired! I saw a former co-worker the other day and I asked her if that mean teacher was still there and she said she wasn't for a little while but now she is back! Now I dunno what to do! I can't believe I was fired for showing concern and that teacher is still there! Do I report this? It has been almost two months since I was fired, what do I do????

    Idaho Teacher: confused:

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    Aren't you required by law? If I were you I would have reported it day 1. When you report it they will ask you why you didn't report right away. Be prepared to face potential ridicule. I also wouldn't report it just to licensure. I'd look into reporting it with the DA's office. This is child abuse and should not be taken lightly.
    Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back.


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      Please, please, please report this!! Don't spin it from the angle of you being fired, it'll just look like you're trying to get back at the dc for firing you.

      I wish you the best of luck. Don't ever stand by and let a child be abused!


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        Yes, please report this. The Department of Child Abuse will investigate...they have to investigate every call. If they can't find anything they keep the file and if they get another complaint they will investigate again. Every report makes a difference in closing a case like this. Don't be discouraged if you don't see the results you feel should happen right away. The children there don't need to be subject to that.


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          I guess I didn't report the story I hear about the baby because I didn't see it myself. When I heard that the teacher that I saw shake and yell at the child in my class wasn't there anymore I thought the director had taken care of it. Only now did I find out that teacher has come back to work there and now I know I need to report it. Thank you guys for responding.


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            Second thought

            Any adult touches a child in this manner should be reported immediately to CPS and local police.

            Don't give it a second thought. Report this immmediately.


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              trust your heart!

              What would you think or do if this happend to your child. People have to work. It's hard enough to trust people we dont know to take care of our children, but if you know this is happening you need to stop it. The children trust you to protect them and us as parents need you to be our eyes and ears. I thank you for doing what is right. I am a provider & would never think of hurting a child and if there were more people like you reporting abuse it would be a little easier for parents to trust daycares. Thanks for caring!!


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                I would report this AND contact the Labor department and and attorney. It sounds like you have a stong wrongful termination case. You can not be terminated for expressing your concerns to a superior.