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Visitors at Home Daycare?

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  • Visitors at Home Daycare?

    I have my 16 mo. old in a liscensed home daycare. She's been there since she was 9 mos. Thus far everything has been great, however, twice I have arrived to pick her up and there have been visitors at the house (friends of our daycare provider). I have not been introduced to them and they seemed hidden when I arrived to pick up my daughter. Is that strange? Should I say something? It kind of makes me uncomfortable but I have really no reason to be concerned particularly. Anu suggestions?

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    Make your concerns Known

    I would suggest that you inquire to whom is in the daycare while your child is there. That is your right and the daycare owner should provide you with whatever information you may need. You might even introduce yourself to whomever is there. It will show that you are keeping an eye on the facility. Never feel as though you are intruding. This facility is like a second home to your child and it is your right to know and to be informed.


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      What do you mean by "hidden" Do they run off and hide when someone pulls up?