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Gratuity for day care provider at Christmas

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  • Gratuity for day care provider at Christmas

    Hi all...I know Christmas has passed, but I will see my daycare provider tomorrow for the first time since before Christmas, and I intend to tip her then. Can you please tell me what you believe to be a fair gratuity? We have brought my 2 year old to the same in-home daycare for a year and a half now, and we attend four days a week, from 9:00am to 5:00pm.


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    Gratuity Tip for a Daycare Operator

    I think $50 would me appreciated especially during these tough times. If you really like this daycare and feel they have gone beyond the the call of duty then they deserve it. Nice thing to do.


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      Providers like any gift that they get. It just shows them how much you appreciate them.


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        The thought that counts

        I agree...I think any amount would be appreciated. Your provider will most likely realize that no matter what dollar amount it is, it's your way of saying thank you to them for all their hard work, and that's what really matters.