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    When we post, why does it takes so very long to show. I like to get on the forums in the morning, check them throughout the day, and make comments. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or not, but seems that when I post it is several hours before they appear. Is there a reason for this? Seems like if the post posted immediately, this forum could really buzz up and become very active. It is hard to post when there are no new post made. Makes things become very slow. Just wondering if maybe something has happened in the past that it is done this way. Any other forum I have used, the post posted immediately.

    I hope this made sense. Just wondering.

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    Thank you for your question. The reason sometimes your post does not show up as quickly is because we get a lot of bot spammers that flood this forum. Much of it is very *****graphic and we must look through each and every post which are hundreds a day. We are most concerned with having a forum that relates exactly to what parents and providers are searching for. The spam problem is global and we hope someday that something can be done about it. It takes hundreds of hours a year just to clean these threads of spam.


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      Thank you. I can surely understand. What if everyone had to register before they could post? Could the post then be posted immediately?

      I really like this forum and would love to see it become much more active. I think if the post were posted immediately, it would make a big difference.

      I am a member of a couple other daycare forums, and those post the post immediately, but you also have to be a member and register to post. Just curious is all.

      Thanks much