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    HELP! I need snack ideas! A.M. and P.M. ones.

    What are your favorites? I am all the time googling and never REALLY come back with actual good, easy snacks that kids like!

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    Ok here it goes since my daugher is in school for the morning snack I can serve dairy, at this time I dont have a peanut allergy here

    I make homemade muffins, its a basic muffin recipe, I use my daughters milk(almond) and then I add cinnamon, and dried fruit slices and then toasted pecans
    banana muffins
    blueberry muffins
    graham crackers with sun butter

    danimals/gogurt with apple slice

    cheese sticks with bananas
    apple sauce
    I also take a banana or 2 slice them up cook them in a skilitt with butter and then pour real maple syrup of it, pour it over granola

    grapes with half an apple butter sandwitch

    banana and peanut butter sandwitch half
    engilsh muffin each kid gets a top or bottom then I put a toping on it, peanut butter, jelly/jam, sun butter, apple butter.

    afternoon my daughter is home for this so

    prestle rods with a fruit
    cookies made with daugter butter and milk
    celery with apple butter and raisins
    cuccumber with apple butter and craisins
    crackers and meat'popsicles
    hummus and pit chips
    7up bread and then we put our own topping on, apple butter, jelly/jam, sun butter that kind of stuff nutella
    jello jigglers
    these are just a few that I can come up off the top of my head right now.


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      I only serve an afternoon snack because I serve breakfast so these are all PM snacks...

      Twice a week I serve Homemade cookies and milk. I make a batch and freeze them and store them in a freezer bag. Then I pop them in the oven and the turn out wonderful! I usually do Oatmeal raisin, Choc. Chip, P. Butter, mini m&m.
      The other snacks I choose I serve with water or Juice depending on what they are:
      Cheese and crackers
      Pretzels and raisins
      grapes and Wheat Thins
      Apples and Peanut Butter
      Trail Mix and Juice
      Carrot Sticks and Cheese


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        Awesome, thanks ladies! I got a few new ideas from you!


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          A couple of my dck favorites are:

          Apple slices w/ peanut butter
          graham crackers
          Banana or grapes
          Mini pizzas
          I take fat free croissants, spread a little tomato sauce, 2 slices of turkey pepperoni, and a little cheese and pop em in the toaster oven.

          These are a few I can think of at the moment