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  • Shutting the Door

    Someone please explain to me why it is so damn hard to shut the door behind you. It is 20 degrees outside, the furnace is running, and you bring one kid in, go out to get the other, and leave the door hang open. The other day the same parent made 4 trips in and out in the morning, and left the door hang open every time. It pisses me off to no end. I just want to scream "Are you born in a fricking barn". WTH, why are we so disrespected. Of coarse I shut it when they walk away and don't. Just the principle of it.

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    Why don't you put up a big sign on both sides of the door stating that if the door continues to be left open you will have no choice but to increase daycare fees to help cover the costs of being expected to heat the outside?


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      It's funny. All of my parents I have had decided to choose home daycare because of the home like setting. Yet, many of them don't treat it like my home. It shows in the children's behavior too for instance when they let them jump on your furniture and don't say a word about it. I know they wouldn't let them jump on their furniture at home.


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        One of my parents asks me every day if I want her to close the door behind her. LOL. Most of the others leave it open (I do have a glass storm door). It doesnt really bother me for some reason. I just go shut it. I just figure they are thinking about getting to work. YOu would think it would be obvious to close it though!! It is FREEZING outside!


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          What about wiping there feet? You know they do it at home.


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            parents & kids

            i have now stated in my policy that as long as they are in my door my rules stand. that if kids act up i expect parents to understand that if i need to put the kids in time out i will and they should stand behind me. Have put kids in timeout before and parents don't say a word. During interview or when i redo my contract i try and go over everthing with them.
            Just an idea. I will also get up and shut the door and after awhile they get the hint.