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Developmental/Behavior Issue - Need Some Advice, Please

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  • Developmental/Behavior Issue - Need Some Advice, Please

    Hi there!
    have a 2 1/2 yr old that has huge tantrums when not wanting to do something or with transitions in general. I have some concern with their play as well.

    Here's a little background on the youngster. They seem to pick baby toys...specifically a ball or rattle, sometimes playfood or cars, dinasaurs, but instead of playing with the item as typical for thier age they hold on to them/mouth them (actually, they mouth everything yet) and seem to simply place the toy in an odd place...either over a gate or a ball/playfood inside of the top shelf of the doll house.

    They mimic a lot and seem to be simply repeating what someone else has said vs talking in a conversation.

    They will yell "NO!!" almost at any request and then think about it and change their mind. Will scream at me when asked to do something and if I try to guide them by holding their hand and walking they will drop all of thier weight to the ground and hang on to my hand. I've kept my consistency with rules and such, do time outs if they are screaming until calmed down, I don't give in to the request of a tantrum.

    Any advice or ideas on how to help this youngster and keep my childcare calm. This little one is very cute and does show a lot of compassion if someone is hurt, but seems unaware that when they throw a toy (often does thsi) it will hit someone and when it does hit them they don't seem to notice it hit a person. I am not going to let them go, because things aren't very chaotic in general...just momentarily. Something just tells me there might be something going on in their development and that's my biggest question.

    Thanks for the advice!