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  • Get a $15 Craftbox FREE!!

    I posted a thread a while ago about a fundraiser I have done, I got this email today and wanted to share it with all of you!!

    Visit & if you book a sale you can use coupon code "craftbox09" to get a $15 craftbox FREE!!

    I called our rep and she said that it contains the following items:

    pipe cleaners
    craft sticks
    pom poms
    wiggly eyes
    and more!!!

    You MUST book a fundraiser sale to get it, you can even book a sale for 2010 and get the craftbox...the craftbox is shipped when you have your sale.

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    I called them after reading your previous post. I am going to book a fundraiser for outside equipment.


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      We booked a fundraiser with MC Fundraisers this morning, we are going to do a salsa sale with them. We also got the Craftbox and it will come in handy with all of our projects. I was very suprised at how easy it was, they explain the info and then set a date for your sale. They mail you all the information and sales sheets. You even keep your profit out then just mail them a money order for the other 50%, no waiting on your money!! YAY! I will let you know how it goes, we start our sale next week and I am hoping to sell a lot for the holidays.


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        Has anyone else looked into doing this?? Just wondering how many of you do fundraisers for your daycare? Sounds fun and also sounds like a good idea to me. I guess I am curious to see how many other providers do fundraisers? We could really use a new preschool table and chairs.


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          A note from MC Fundraisers

          I was recently contacted by several childcare providers from this site interested in booking a fundraiser so I thought I would take the time to give some information for those of you wanting more info.

          MC Fundraisers offers several products with 40%-50% profit. We offer Cookie Dough, Cheesecakes, Pretzel Products & Gourmet Snack Mixes.
          When you book a fundraiser for any of those items we will send you 10 FREE boxes of our pre-portioned cookie dough..thats 480 cookies!! Free shipping when you sell 150 or more items...pick 2 items for a SUPER SALE! We also offer incentives for sellers and providers.

          Salsa Fundraiser:
          We offer 20 different varieties of Jose Madrid Salsa including fruit & HOT HOT HOT!! Profit is 50%!! We also offer FREE SHIPPING ON ALL SALSA SALES!!
          There are 2 ways to sell salsa...order taker or cash and carry. You choose!

          Our newest addition ** Mandy Candles**

          Hand Poured in Iowa 1/2 soy & 1/2 Parrafin
          Country Style Jar/Lid
          Many scents to choose from
          Free shipping on 100 candles or more
          Profit is starting @ $2 per candle
          Custom labels with your daycare name are Always FREE!!!!

          November Special
          Book a sale and Get a $15 craft box FREE!!

          [email protected]


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            just a note

            I should also add that the NOVEMBER SPECIAL "CRAFTBOX09" is effective for all sales booked in November, you may also get this offer when you book a sale for the future. Book a sale for spring by Nov 30th and we will send you the $15 craft box!!

            If you book a Cookie Dough, Cheesecake, Pretzels, or Gourmet Snacks fundraiser you will also get the 10 boxes of cookie dough FREE!!!

            Contact us today!

            Thanks for all the interest, we are so excited to be a part of this board!


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              We just finished our cookie dough sale and our daycare was able to earn just over $1500.00 with this fundraiser. We finished just in time for holiday sales, I am hoping to get a great deal on a new playhouse and outdoor playset. We are also planning to get some other items for pre-school program.
              With the economic times this really helped us get some new stuff.


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                I am also doing this fundraiser in the Spring. I have never done a fundraiser for daycare, but why not. We are fundraising for a new big wooden swingset, that is over $1000.00. I sure hope we sell alot for this nice set, that I want so badly!!!!!