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Franchise Daycare Metro Atlanta or not??

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  • Franchise Daycare Metro Atlanta or not??


    My spouse and I are currently doing research to determine whether or not it is a good idea to pursue a daycare business by way of a franchise opportunity or independently starting our own with several consultants for a limited time in Metro Atlanta. We've both volunteered our time at our kids' daycare to find out if this was really what we wanted to do as a business venture... and we believe it is.

    1. Is now a good time to start a daycare business for roughly 120 kids in metro Atlanta?
    2. We have come across quite a few daycare facilities for sale in metro Atlanta that makes us wonder if the economy has taken a toll on these businesses, or are they for sale for other reasons?
    3. Is a franchise really worth the royalties that are usually associated with them as well as the restrictions?

    The last thing we want to do is invest several hundred thousand dollars of hard-earned money into this endeavor at the wrong time and wrong location.

    Any suggestions or recommendations?

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    Personally, I would NOT recommend it, with the depression going on, and no sign of recovery, now would not be the best time. As a seasoned daycare provider of over 10 years, it is a iffy each and every week if I am going to lose clients or not. The centers are more than likely for sale because the current owners can't keep them full. I come from a county with over 17% unemployment, not good, and our centers are struggling too. No work for parents, no daycare needed.

    As far as the franchise, I would not go that route. You pay big bucks to use someone else's name.
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      franchise - construction costs

      From a design point of view I would not recommend going the franchise route. We have worked on a few franchise daycare projects and their brand requirements tend to be too strict and leave very little room for customizing the child care center in any way (colors, furniture, etc...) and their specifications on materials and vendors tend to drive up the construction costs.