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18 month old problem sleeper

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  • 18 month old problem sleeper

    I have an 18 mo little boy in my dc. I've had him since he was 11 mo. He was a problem sleeper way at the beginning, but we overcame that and up until this week he's been easy at nap time. He always falls asleep in his high chair at lunch time, I know he's exhausted, and I've always been able to give him a little cuddle and put him in his play pen without an issue.

    This week all of a sudden he starts screaming as soon as I start to walk away from his play pen. If I'm not in the middle of the other kid's routines then I'll pick him back up and rock him. Today though I rocked him for half an hour, brought him back to his playpen while the other kids got ready for their naps, and he SCREAMED like he was being beaten (which is his typical cry so I'm not terribly alarmed by it.) I checked on him between the kids' bathroom trips, laid him down and told him in a soothing voice that it's night-night time and he needs to rest, and he kicks right back off again as I walk away. Once the other kids were resting - they're still not sleeping because I usually rub their backs and can't right now with this 18 month old being the way he is - I picked him up and haven't been able to put him down since.

    His needs are all met - he's clean, he's just been fed, and he's absolutely exhausted. I need to know what else I can do. To me, at 18 months old he's old enough to know nap time. He's been in my care for 7 months.

    I know his parents coddle him, and I've been gently telling them they need to get him self-soothing (she's pregnant again too, due in Feb.) .... What can I say to them to make them realize this is REALLY disruptive to all the kids?
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    Originally posted by AmandasFCC View Post
    - I picked him up and haven't been able to put him down since.

    Well, IMO that was your first mistake. Of course he stopped screaming - hot got what he wanted which was NOT to nap. Like you said, his needs are met. Put him in the playpen. If he cries he CHOOSES to cry. He'll figure out that you aren't playing around and that nap time is nap time. Give him a week and I bet my last dollar he goes down without a fuss.


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      I'm not sure that there is anything you can tell the parents that will make them understand. I know February is a ways away, however, I suspect after that baby is born this little one won't be the center of their universe anymore and he'll be forced to self-soothe.
      Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back.


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        Are you sure it is not his way of testing you? My 20 month old was just trying this on me today. 1 1/2 hours later he finaly fell asleep. I know he has been testing his parents at home too & try to get away with more when they come at pickup time. I just remind him what the rules are & do time out if needed (even when parents are here) & it is usually fixed within a few days. If he needs to cry let him it will not hurt him & he will learn that it may work at home but will not work at daycare.


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          I'm sure he is testing me. I tried letting him cry it out but after an hour he's still screaming and that's keeping the other kids up. I can't win it seems. I'm not really sure what to do anymore about it!


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            I'm worried about him keeping the whole house up. His cry is LOUD and forceful, more like the scream of an agonizing death. My house isnt huge, but it's not tiny either, and you can hear him in every single room. His mother is fine with me letting him cry it out, and I guess I'm getting validation from here that CIO will work even if the parents don't do it at home .... Thanks for the help, hopefully he'll get over it!!!