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2nd floor daycare?

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  • 2nd floor daycare?

    Anyone use their 2nd floor for most of the daycare? We have an open foyer that has open staircase to 2nd floor with 4 bedrooms and 2 bath. The hallway between the bedrooms is all open to foyer/staircase. I am thinking of using two bedrooms for the daycare. We don't use the 2nd floor for anything now except for guests, and storage.


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    I think it would be ok, just keep in mind stair and fire safety. You will need to be extremely diligent in preventing falls down the stairs. Something more than a baby gate that just pinches to the walls may want to be used. Of course, it does depend slightly on the ages of the children you'll be providing care for. Also, you need to keep fire safety in mind. Those windows in those bedrooms may be used as a fire escape route, but think thoroughly of a plan to ensure you can get all of the children safely to the ground.
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      In my state (TN) you can not have more then 3 steps for children to be used.
      But if you are not going for license and parents would be ok with that then
      why not?