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CA Rules For Napping Infants In Home Large Daycare

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  • CA Rules For Napping Infants In Home Large Daycare

    If I start my own daycare in California, what are the rules/regulations for infants napping at a large home daycare. Do they have to be monitored at all times, be in view of the home daycare provider at all times or sometimes, etc.? Monitoring devices have to be used if your not in the room?

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    Wa daycare napping rules

    Here in Wa infants to 12 mos need to be in the same are as the provider. I have a nursery set up for the 12 mos and older, with mix of cribs, mats and play pens, I keep a monitor on so I can hear the older kids. Then I have 2 porta cribs that I roll out for the 2 babies, since nap time is really my only so called break I roll the porta cribs in the hall next to the living area in view so I can relax a bit during nap... I finally have everyone on the same schedule
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      There really aren't any hard and fast rules about it. You can check the regs at:

      Go to regs, then family child care