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Sick Policy Line: Is This Going Too Far?

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  • Sick Policy Line: Is This Going Too Far?

    New line in contract for new family:

     After illness, please make sure that child is bathed, rested, and eating properly before returning to care.

    Even though my contract is short and to the point, and already said that I don't do sick care, I am considering making a separate paragraph just for sick care, because it's a biggie for me.

    But is this micromanaging? I just want to emphasize that I dont' want that "oh they haven't vomited for 30 minutes now so here's my kid" routine.

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    Maybe I should keep things the way they were and just say "Provider does not offer sick care. Parents will familiarize themselves with provider's illness policy in the written policy document for details."


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      I just keep it short sweet and simple

      Children may not attend ill and may return when fully capable of participating. Don't forget, your child must be free of vomiting, diarrhea or fever for a full 24 hour period, before returning. No expectations


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        My policy states that child cannot come back to care until it has been 24 hours since last symptom requiring exclusion.

        So if their last vomit or diarrhea episode was Wednesday night at 11pm they cannot return until Friday. If you want to make sure they are bathed and eating then maybe you could make it 48 hours, or 48 hours for certain illnesses?


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          Be sure that it is symptom free without medication .


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            "Return to Care:
            Child must be symptom free, without the use of medication, for twenty-four hours before returning to child care. Upon return, child must be able to fully participate in all classroom activities including mealtimes and outdoor play."
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              I don't think it's micromanaging at all to clarify you're sick and illness policy. I actually have a separate flyer front and back the details specifically under what conditions the child is to be excused or not attend the childcare and/or when to return to care. In addition I have a line for when a physician note is required as well.


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                IMO this is one area where it's good to micromanage!

                My policies state 24 hours after last episode of (whatever got them excluded) and they must be on a regular diet and able to participate in daily activities. Too many times I've had parents bring children back saying "She's only had 7UP and crackers yesterday, but she should be fine for you today..." Nope.