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Question About Asthmatic Child - Interview This Week

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  • Question About Asthmatic Child - Interview This Week

    I have an interview this week and the mom said that her son has some asthmatic symptoms and one of them is he will cough until he throws up. She said it doesn't happen often.

    I just don't know...once person's 'not often' can mean once a year and another once a month. Has anyone dealt with this before in childcare? I just don't know if I can do it. I hate throw up in the first place and then to have to deal with it and 5-6 others kids I'm just not sure. (I totally understand throwing up can happen, I have two kids of my own and have done DC for 5 years). But if this is a once a month thing I'm just not too sure about it. BTW the child is 3 years old.

    Also how do I know he's not sick. My policy is they throw up they go home.
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    I have a dcb who is 2.5 and has gag relex. He goes through spurts of not vomiting and then will have episodes of vomiting for days at a time. I too hate vomit clean up, acutally dont know anyone who likes it...

    I allow him to stay, as he has note from doc and as long as it is not happening more than twice in one day. I cant spend all day cleaning vomit while kids are here....
    At least you know going into it. I found out later.... I would say if you need to fill the spot, it just may be something you will have to accept....
    The DCP understands that I have to send DCB home if the vomiting becomes excessive....maybe you can let her know this in advance...


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      Well, I will say this... I have 2 kids of my own that have asthma and it's
      pretty bad. They both do nebs twice a day and one also has an inhaler as needed. They have never coughed so hard they throw up. So, if that happens once a year, okay I get it. But if it does happen once a month, you would be able to voice your concern to mom that he is not on the right controller medicine. Because bottom line, it shouldn't happen that often.

      Since you don't know for sure, I would clarify with mom what "not often" means to her.

      And if they coughed so hard they threw up, I would send them home regardless if it was just from coughing. A. You don't know for sure it's not illness. B. If it isn't illness, he still should be with mom and dad (and possibly the Dr. to check his medicines) if he's coughing so hard he throws up.