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Discouraged and frustrated......

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  • Discouraged and frustrated......

    with this roller coaster business that I'm in . I've had so many ups and downs with this business in the last month and I'm ready to throw in the towel! I can't count on anything with daycare!

    This fall I had: 14mo dcb full time, 2 yo dcb full time, 3.5yo dcb drop in, 18mo dcb 3 days/week.

    December 31: 14mo last day (which I was totally okay with, and still am!)
    January 5: 2 interviews with 2 different families. One is 2yo and 7mo old. They signed on and paid deposit, but not going to start until Feb 7. Second family is 3mo 3 afternoons a week. They finally signed on, but it was a lot of back and forth, with him starting later than they said he would. Still not able to read dcm very well, not sure if he'll be staying here or not.
    January 5: 18mo + infant brother supposed to start back. They didn't, dad is still off work.
    January 7: Mom of above stated they would "take their chances" with me having a spot open instead of paying to hold the spot, and decided that as of next month she will be a sahm.
    January 10: Was contacted about a short term for a 2yo (one month). Did interview (hour long!!! plus cleaning time, ink used for all the printouts I send home with them). Contacted me Friday to say he was coming. Asked when they could drop off money and forms. Supposed to start tomorrow and bringing money and forms with child. Today, sent email that they no longer need my services.

    I'm a bit fed up!!! I'm a bit tired of cleaning, putting my family's plans on hold, using up my ink to print out everything, enduring an HOUR long interview just for them to tell me sorry, no. I know it's part of the negative of daycare, but I'm starting to wonder how in the world I'm supposed to pay my bills when I can't count on anything??

    Ugg....really just venting/whining, and I know I should have put this in the venting thread, but I already put it here.....LOL. Anyone else frustrated with this too?

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    I'm so sorry, I know exactly what you mean...I had such a bad 2010!!! I have three spots to fill, I filled one and dcm went psycho and left after 2 days because I changed her son everytime he soaked a diaper, I had a full timer who flaked on me and I'm about to fight in court, I'm down to 1 kid and barely scraping in enough to cover my families grocery bill for the month...

    Hopefully things will look up for both of us this year *hugs*


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      Thanks Cillybean!!! Here's to hoping for a better 2011 for both of us!!!