We are opening a new daycare facility in the San Antonio area and we would like some information on, and descriptions of, your experiences with the inspection process.

We have been told that the inspection process can be rather "rough" when it come to state inspections for new facilities.
Our new facility was actually a daycare prior to our leasing of the location so we have that working in our favor as most of the modifications we would have had to make to the location are already in place.

Our questions concern stories we've heard about how obstructive the inspectors can be if they find violations upon their initial inspection of a new facility. We are concerned because the state minimum standards are so vague in so many areas, that they seem to (in our opinion) invite failure of the initial inspection. Is this the case?

We know that under state law, if an initial inspection is failed, they are allowed up to 30 days before they are required to perform the re-inspection. While attending orientation in our area, we learned that the state is very insistent that you "get it right" the very first time or the inspectors will "take their sweet time" before returning for the re-inspection, there-by leading to significant delay in getting your facility open (and forcing considerable extra expense upon the owners due to overhead without revenue).

Has anyone failed initial inspection and had difficulty getting inspectors to return within a reasonable time frame?
How "picky" are they on initial inspection?
Do the inspectors drag their feet while new facilities wait for re-inspection in the event of a failed opening inspection?

We would appreciate any info, even anecdotal, on what the inspection process is like.
Thanks to everyone who replies.