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    Hi guys. looking for some new ideas for my preschooler to do during the other kids nap time. Running out of ideas.

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    Not sure what type of activities you have your preschooler doing already. I have two preschool guys and a 1yr old. When the 1yr old is napping the two older guys and I do "homework". I have a bunch of writing/coloring pages of many different topics. Letters, numbers, colors, subjects (farms, firefighters, animals etc). We also use this time to do some of the more challenging craft projects, or at least the prep work for some of the craft projects that the little guy can participate in.

    If you just have the one preschooler, a thought you could do would be to put a story book together. Perhaps work on a page each day for a week or two. It could be a story s/he makes up.
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      Here is a website with ideas