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Ugh! Two Babies Teething...Can I Be Done?

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  • Ugh! Two Babies Teething...Can I Be Done?

    So dcg is 5 months olf and teething, so she isnt too interested in eating except for chewing on the nipple. So feeding her a whole bottle takes over an hour to finish. Dcb is 6 months and isnt interested in the bottle except for chewing purposes. He usually eats 8 oz every 3 to 4 hours, but so far today we have only gotten 7 oz down since 10 am (and that took over an hour as well)...its now 1:15. They are both cranky and want constant attention, but nothing I do is really soothing them. Neither parent "likes" tylenol, so they sent oragel...which does nothing! I also have a 2 yr old and a 15 month old here too. Luckily, they are doing great playing independently, but I feel bad that I havent gotten to play much with either of them.
    3 hours until the two teethers go home...please hurry!

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    Wow,... Sending love. Teething is no fun


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      have them chew on a cold wash rag. Maybe that will give you some relief!