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This Makes Me So Sad And Angry...

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  • This Makes Me So Sad And Angry...

    that you had a child in your care who becomes respectful, nice and obedient (most of the time) then they leave are home with mom and dad for 6 mo and now he is a tyrrant.
    This boy started with me when he was 2 and left when he was 3 1/2 and he was one of the best kids I had, he learned to be polite, asked to be excused from the table (they are taught this at my house) and parents always praised me that he did this at home, well he left the beginning of July and has been home with both parents, she asked if I could watch him today for half the day and om goodness, he has talked back, spit at me, has been mean to all the kids, wouldn't stay sitting at the table, threw his silverware, I thought wow I can't believe all that work I did which really wasn't hard but still and it's all out the window, poor boy I feel sorry for him. I was hopeful that his mom would be getting a job and he'd come back but geez after today, I don't think so, I always said I wouldn't take him back only because I didn't care for his dad, he was a smart @$$, and rude all the time. Oh and he'll be for here in a few weeks and still not potty trained, I was doing that here since parents didn't seem to be working on it even though his dad said he was potty trained home back when he was here like I was not doing something rght, and here he's not potty trained. Wow!! Just makes me really sad.....just had to get that off my chest.