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  • Extreme Silliness???

    This is about to drive me up a wall, guys.

    I have three boys who are complete goofballs all the time. I mean every second. This is not something I enjoy, but who am I to rain on their parade...

    The issue is that it's getting to be constant - they're never paying attention because their clowning around, they are never done with stuff (art, meals, etc) because they've spent so much time playing, one or more of them is sent from circle time daily because of it.

    If I separate them, they get the nearest person to them to join in - what 4-year-old can resist someone whispering "monkey-face!!" a million times? I have started just separating them with books or crayons and paper when I can't take it anymore. They don't even play really anymore, they just sit and try to "get" each other/screech or say nonsense stuff and laugh til its out of control...

    Anyway I can curb this? I've talked my face off to them about it. They're 4.5 and 5.

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    "Choose an activity" is something I say a lot to a group of 4 and 5 yo little boys in my care. They aren't quite on the silly train you are describing, they more burst into good guy v. bad guy fighting. I give them on chance to pick an activity on their own, I list several areas of play that are open ex: puzzles, blocks, cars, coloring... and then if they don't choose I choose for them. They don't like me choosing so it tends to curb the behavior. Are areas of play sectioned off at all by rug, tables, clear boundaries? You can assign them different areas. If you were describing 2 yos I would say chill out but with kids that old they need to learn some self regulating in order to be functional in kindergarten.


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      Try getting them outside more to burn off that extra energy.
      Maybe that'll help "get the sillies out".....I hate yo gabba gabba, but they make a good point of extra exercise to help, with that song.


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        No advice(except for agreeing with burning off their extra energy) but don't you wish you could channel all that extra energy into cleaning your house? That's always my first thought when the dcks are leaving at 5:00, still wound up like a top and I'm ready to collapse.


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          I would ask. Think?? Are you being respectful in the classroom.

          I would then tell them lets get busy and separate them with a very busy task. I would also tell them that when they an show you that they are able to control their behavior you will allow them to rejoin each other. Remind them to help each other out. Be proactive. Don't seat them together for awhile. Then when you do sit down and talk to them before the activity starts and remind them they will either behave or you will separate them. It looks like you have two choices rain on their parade or continue to let them drive you nuts.

          I have 4 boys like this and they never get paired together for group. They all get assigned a little person to read to and don't get to hang out together until outside play. Even then I usually will have one painting one at the water table and then let one run wild in the field with the rest of the kids. The 4th usualy has to stay under my wing because right now he's the ring leader and can't be trusted. I rotate them through all of the activities.

          I do give them the opportunity to show me they can play together respectfully so that they learn but as soon as it Sours they get separated.


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