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  • Opinions On Play Area??

    Ok, so my master bedroom is the "daycare room" right now. It's kind of all inclusive (there is more stuff in the living room but this is where we spend most of our time). I'm curious of what you guys think of this room, and what you think of my ideas for switching it up.

    So, the playpen that is in here, I'm thinking of moving it to my sons room, because if the little girl I'm currently watching wants to take a nap, then the playroom is shut down for my own 1 year old

    The tv stand is bulky and it scares me, even with corner guards I still don't trust it around wobbly 1 year olds, I'm thinking of getting a smaller flat screen tv and just letting it sit on top of the book shelf. We don't watch much tv anyway, and usually when they watch dora and stuff like that, it's in the living room.

    I want to get the ABCs and 123s hung up around the room, and I want to separate it out a little better, like a defined "pretend play" area for the kitchen stuff, a car area with a car rug, etc...

    Any suggestions would be great! We're going to build a larger daycare room onto the house, but it's kind of a catch 22 because I need to watch kids to save the money to build a bigger room for the kids I"m watching!

    Oh, and since I took these pics I've added a few more posters...

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    I was just making sure the pics worked, because I'm bad about stuff like that Here are the rest


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      The color is nice, I would decorate the walls more and declutter a bit, there is too much going on. Getting rid of the bulky tv stand would leave room for a table and chairs.


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        I cant see the pics


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          I don't see a picture of the bulky tv stand or tv...was that not pictured? You put the book shelf sideways from the wall to create a more defined play area and break up the room more. You do have LOTS of toys so I would take some out. The center I'm at now doesn't have that many toys for 18 children, LOL. We don't have ANY ride on toys or large infant toys though because our space is limited. Any ride on toys are outside. Infant toys are all smaller for babies to actually pick up and mouth and touch. Can you get another book shelf for toys to be displayed and picked up off the floor? You should move your chair to a corner of the room (away from the diaper changing area) and put a rug on the floor and have books located near the chair for reading time. You might have that in your other living space though.


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            I only recognize one toy you have and it's one I don't have out in daily play. The circular spiral race track.

            That's funny.


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              love the color of the wall. I would get rid of the play pen and the zebra chair. I think you need to get shelves or the pantry units (they have doors on them and are pretty cheap) that way things are off the floor. I would recommend a table and chair, kid size. hmm, I spend hours looking at other rooms online but I have way too much stuff.


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                I also don't see a TV stand but I did have a problem with my own very large TV (74" I think??). It's not a flatscreen that can be mounted so I bought straps for it and just strapped it doen to my TV stand from behind. It works great and you can't see the straps from the front at all. Another idea is getting a wall mounted TV and mount it on the wall. I did that in my daughters/play room.


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                  What's the zebra print chair for? I'd remove that, as I can see kids climbing up on it to jump into the PnP.

                  I'd also recommend either removing some toys or adding shelving on the wall for storage. That way you can rotate toys and keep clutter/mess to a minimum.

                  What age are your DCK's? You could get cut outs for the walls - ABC's, shapes, colors, etc. (Woops, just read that you are already thinking of that..sorry!)


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                    I definitely think that you need to get more toy shelves and have fewer toys available at a time. Your current set-up looks like it's virtually impossible for them to get toys to play with on their own without making a huge mess. It's also cluttered and chaotic--a sure recipe for behavior problems and unproductive play.
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                      thank you guys so much for all the creative ideas and constructive criticism, it's really appreciated. I'm going to take a LOT of your advice and work on the room this week and most more pictures.

                      The playpen is coming out, the chair is being moved to the corner with a rug in front for reading time, the book shelf will be moved closer to the chair.

                      I'm going to put a lot of toys into the closet and alternate weekly so there is less clutter, and I'm going to look for some wall unit shelves for animals etc


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                        Menards has some corner shelves at a decent price, well, probably about $5 each, but they go directly into the corner and you can place them 8-12 inches apart starting about two feet off the ground to display toys on in the corner. I have some a love it.

                        If you add a child's size table with 2-4 chairs, that could go towards to center of the room so everything isn't against the wall. Even a child's plastic/wooden picnic table would work great too.