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Expedition Car Seat Issues...

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  • Expedition Car Seat Issues...

    I'm crossing my fingers that someone can help...

    I have a 2002 expedition w/third row seat. I need all 6 seats to have a booster or car seat (2 forward facing car seats, and 4 boosters). In my third row, the booster slides off on the passenger side, because the seat does not meet the wall of the car? Any suggestions? I can't have the kids sliding around, obviously. I never had to use that seat but now I'm full and need to! Thanks!

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    I use to own the Eddie Bauer Expedition. Doesn't the seat area have anchors on the floor? I know that seat is a full third row. At the very least you can find a better baby seat that uses the shoulder harness for support. The only issue I ever had was when the baby seat was not made for the shoulder strap.
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      are you able to just switch the seats out? put one there that won't slide around?


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        You might have more luck posting over at They are car seat experts and if you give them the models of the seats you're using, they should be able to tell you how to fix it or install them better. Good luck!

        (My advice would be to put a FF seat in that spot, or a booster that's using a 5-point harness so that you install the seat with the seat belt)
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          Usually if you go the the your city fire department they will put the car seats in for you for free...At least thats how it is here