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Do You Tell DCPS When You Have Plans After Hours?

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  • Do You Tell DCPS When You Have Plans After Hours?

    My ds's had a concert last night. I had to leave 5 mins after close to get them there in time. I didn't notify my parents because my time, my business. A dcp called 15 mins to close sayin they would be late picking DCK up and I didn't have any plans, did I? I was not happy. I was luckily able to send my kids ahead with dad (not normally the case though) and I had dck in the driveway, my car running in wait. I barely made it, they were already filing the kids onstage when I got to the school gym.

    I guess my question is, should i have told my DCPs ahead of time of our plans so they were sure to be here before closing time? I don't want to have to explain my time to them just so they get here in time. I want to be able to leave at 1 minute after close if I want without having to justify what I am doing. If I didn't JUST hand out new contracts I would have shortened my day by 15 minutes in response to this, but I didn't think well enough at the time that I was updating things.

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    Are your parents regularly late or is it a very rare occurrence? I would think if they are RARELY late, then I wouldn't mention it if I had plans at 5:01. But, if it's a common occurrence then I would take steps (late fees, etc) to stop it and yes, tell parents when I had to be out the door at 5:01.


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      They show up late a few times a year but almost always push it to show up within 5 minutes of close and never leave right away, extending their departure until after close. I do charge late fees when they show up late but they just pay them. Should I start inventing reasons?


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        When I have parents that linger, I start saying to my DD, "ok honey, you ready for lunch(my kids leave at noon)?? " and I start walking toward the kitchen while they are mid-sentence....


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          I would have said something in the morning, then you wouldn't have this problem. This weekend dh and ds have a cub camp and odd is a girl guide helper this weekend so I told all the parents so they had an idea how busy I am at pick up time. But I always chat with the parents about what they are doing at night or what is going on.


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            My dc parents don't pickup late because they Know how busy my family time is but just in case if I need to leave promptly by 4:00 I let them know ahead of time. they are all really nice and will usually be gone on those days by 3:45. I got in the habit of doing this when I used to provide care for my cousin's kid. .....they were regularly running late.


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              My parents are never late, but if I have plans after work that I absolutley cannot be late to, I tell the parents when they drop off. If I would like to leave earlier than my usual closing time, I'll mention it a couple of days in advance and ask if they can please TRY to pick up early that day. My parents are great about being here early, especially if they know it is something I am doing with my kids.


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                Most of my clients pick up by 5, but I have one who comes at 5:30. If I have plans, I do let that one know in the morning.


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                  I don't think you should have to tell parents why they need to pick up on time.

                  Something I've done in the past is this. When they call to say they are going to be a few minutes late, I say that's fine but you'll have to pick your child up at *** wherever. I'll be late if I wait for you. Them tracking you down a couple times and making their evening longer will sometimes work.

                  I've been in the driveway waiting too - just to go to the end of the road and back. Like a trial run, so that the parents see that I have a life.


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                    If I had to be somewhere, I would tell the parents a day or so ahead of time if possible and again at drop off that morning that I need them to be on time for pick up that night. I wouldn't leave it to chance. You don't have to go into details about what your plans are but I think it's a good idea to tell them you do have plans.


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                      I make appts. parties, activities, etc. all at or around the pick up time. If they are late, then it makes me late. This actually happens alot, and I will now be implementing a late fee, that I should have been all along!! It sucks!!


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                        I always tell them. I know I shouldn't have to but I do it anyways as a precaution.

                        Like tonight I had to leave by 4:35 (I close at 4:30). I just remind everyone "remember it is Friday and I have to leave at 4:35 to get my son to his hip hop class" They all are used to these reminders and I think they like them.

                        I have one child that gets picked up at 5 normally. Dad meets me at the dance studio.

                        Tonight I had one dad text me and say "I can be there by 4:40. Is that OK?"

                        I was so pissed. No - it isn't OK!!! But I responded "I will be on the road to the dance studio" He said "can I meet you there" and he did
                        but it PISSED ME OFF I don't want him to think we can do that on a regular basis.

                        The worst part? Remember the couple that I don't like charging the late fee for dad's late pick up because MOM gets stuck paying? Well mom has 2 kids - 2 different dads. The dad that was late today is the dad of her OTHER child. So if I charge him a late fee for this kid poor mom will get stuck with TWO late fees in one week both because of slacker dads!!!

                        But each child has their own contract so this is this little boy's first late pick up so I'm waiving the fee.


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                          I never tell the dcps when I have something after work, but they all know I am very strict with my closing time. I stress it when we interview initially. I don't charge a late fee because picking up late is not an option. I let them know that if they think that they won't be able to get here in plenty of time before I close that they should find a provider who is open later.

                          Maybe you could send out a reminder to all of the parents that you have a very busy schedule and need to be able to count on all of the children being picked up promptly and that you will not normally be available for last minute "I'm running late" calls, so they should plan accordingly.


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                            I never tell DCP either. It's none of their business and I don't feel any obligation to tell them. However, I do say in my contracts, that my family and I have many extra cirricular activities after I close, and if they happen to be late on a night that I do have plans, That either:

                            I will call someone on their authorizied list to pick up

                            Will take the kid with me and the DCP can pick up wherever I am( which sometimes will be very inconveinant for them!)

                            Will leave kid with a neighbor if I can truly not take the kid with me.

                            Plus there will be a late fee.

                            I also say that it is not my responsibility to tell them I have plans, but it is their responsibility to pick up on time or have somoene else pick up on time!


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                              I haven't had this come up yet, but when I do I won't leave it to chance. I may not be open to telling parents everything all the time about my life after hours, but in a situation like this I would at least tell them I need them here on time due to an appointment (if you don't want to be specific) or I'd tell them exactly why!