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The Child That Seeks Out Every Adults Attention

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  • NightOwl
    This makes me so sad for him....
    It sounds like he isn't getting any attention from his parents so he's looking for it anywhere he can find it. Asking for money and cigarettes to make his mom happy? All daddies don't love mommies and kids? Bless his heart... I know it's obnoxious but I can't help but to feel sorry for his situation at the same time.

    Btw, I do agree with the previous posters' advice. I would immediately have consequences for breaking your rule of not talking to other families about personal things. You will probably have to explain to him what "personal things" are tho. Tell him some things are supposed to be kept private and he can talk to you about it, but not the mommies and daddies.

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  • daycare
    well good news is that I attached a 14 day trial with the new schedule just because I knew there would be some issues, I just could not tell what.

    I do teach the children that we don't talk to the parents, most kids are so engrossed in what they are doing that they don't care about the parents any how.

    I did tell this child that they needed to find something to do and leave the adults alone. I am the only one who gets to talk to the adults and the child of the parent. Mind you, we have only been doing this since monday. I was hoping that I got it nipped by now, but guess not.

    WOWZZERS I can't believe some of the things that this kid has said

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  • rosieteddy
    I have a rule here .say hello and go. I teach it from the start and tell parents that their child does not want to share them. I remind child if they start and send them away from the door. Your situation is harder but I would nip it in the bud.Tell child in no uncertain terms this behavior is not allowed.If you have to do a sticker reinforcement or some kind of time out.I don't blame the parents for being upset. If is behavior doesn't stop I would try to go back to the original drop off and pick up. Good luck.

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  • Blackcat31
    Do not allow the kids to speak to the other parents as a rule.

    My kids are taught that they cannot tell another person's story. i.e. tattle to parents about what their kid did or didn't do that day etc.

    They are ONLY allowed to speak to another DC parent if the parent speaks to them first.

    I have consequences if they don't follow my rule or if they speak out to another parent without being spoken to.

    It's all part of social etiquette and something we talk about/discuss when we learn about not talking to strangers etc (as essentially the other parents ARE strangers to the kids..kwim?)

    So in your child's case, I would tell him he is NOT allowed to speak to the other parents unless he is saying hello or goodbye. Have a automatic consequence such as standing next to you, so you can stop him or having him sit in a chair silently during all drop offs and pick ups.

    At 4.5 he is plenty old enough to understand why he can't speak to other adults and why you aren't allowing him to.

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  • daycare
    started a topic The Child That Seeks Out Every Adults Attention

    The Child That Seeks Out Every Adults Attention

    I have a dck that is 4.5. He knows way way to much for his age. DCP are split and DCM really does not have a filter.

    the child used to be my last drop off and first pick up so this was never an issue before.

    now the child will be the first one here and the last to leave. Monday of this week was the first day of the new schedule.

    Well this kid is going up to every single dcp asking a million questions and telling them lots of TMI about DCM and DCD.

    Stuff like, we don't have any money do you get paid a lot of money at your work?

    You have a BMW car, how much did it cost? Why this, why that or telling parents stuff like my parents are split up and they hate each other.

    I don't even have the time to type the kind of things he says. but here are a few more

    THis morning he piss off a dcd when dck said why are you dropping off your kids, that's a womans job, why are you doing a woman's job. Then went on to tell this dad that he does not like him because all dads are not nice and don't love their moms and kids.

    He told another dcm this morning that his mom is super grumpy today because she can't afford to buy cigarettes and if they have any cigs or $$$$ they could give to his mom so she will be happy.

    I have tried to get him to play in the back room, but it's an open floor plan and no matter where I put him he does this. He will yell from across the back room. I cut him off when he tries that, but its soooooooo hard to stop because he has access to the parents no matter how I arrange my setup. I can't provide one on one attention with him each morning.

    I try to engage him in an activity and as soon as he hears the door open he is right behind me.

    I can tell that My DCP are very much bothered by this child doing this.....