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  • Still trying.

    Had 2 more interviews this wknd, but don't think either will be signing on.

    One was doubtful that older children (hers is 2.5) can get the attention they need in a dc that also watches babies. Whatever. You want a classroom with all like-aged kids (a center) but pay an in-home price. Can't have it both ways. Didn't seem to matter what I said to convince them everything runs like a well-oiled machine. Our days are fun and happy.

    Other kept saying over and over how much "stuff" there is. Of course there is a lot of stuff. There are 8 children of all ages here for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. My playroom is neatly organized and not over cluttered. Whole middle of carpeted floor is open. This is daycare. I don't know what they expected.

    Hanging on by a thread here, and starting to think a corporate job is sounding attractive again. I must have finally lost my mind!

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    How strange to comment on the amount of "stuff". And if you had only sticks & rocks for the kids to play with they'd be making comments about that, too.

    I'm feeling your corporate job vibe, though.


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      Originally posted by Naptime yet? View Post
      I'm feeling your corporate job vibe, though.
      I have to say that is a comfort to hear that someone else feels that way. I almost feel GUILTY for thinking it. I worked in that world for 9 years before my 12 years of in-home daycare, so I do know what it's about. Just the expense and work of being licensed, no benefits like PTO and insurance, and the crazy expectations is getting to me.


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        Plus, after that whacko, it got me thinking, "I wonder how much I could sell that stuff for? Or this stuff? Hmmmm..." ::::::


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          Just remember not everyone is going to be a good fit. I'm guessing you wouldn't have wanted them as clients anyway. :hug:

          I'm pretty recently out of the corporate world. It's not as good as you remember!