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Reviews of Bissell Little Green Pro Heat Turbo Brush Pet

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  • Reviews of Bissell Little Green Pro Heat Turbo Brush Pet

    Does anyone have this spot carpet/upholstery cleaner. Just wondering how well it works and if it is worth the $100 it cost.

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    Yup, I have this one; though mine is about 5 years old. I do like it. And it's one of the few appliances I've owned recently that has lasted 5 years without breaking! It works well for spots here and there. We have also tried it on a cloth-type couch and it works well.
    It is a lot of effort for just one spot though. Spray, hand scrub, vacuum all the water up. It takes a lot of pressure to try to get the water up, which is why I say it's a lot of effort. It's heavy when the cleaner is in it, it's bulky so it practically takes up half the floor space in my little broom closet. And it's WAY too much effort to try to clean the entire carpet with it, so I'd almost recommend normal spot cleaning with baking soda/water, and spending the money on regular carpet cleaning or a large carpet cleaning machine.


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      yes. I use it on my stairs. I love it. It works very well.


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        We got it for our wedding 5 years ago and it didn't last for us more than 2 years! We used it a ton though so it may have just been that. Like a pp said, it would be good for stairs however for spots, we didn't think it did that great of a job! Maybe ok for furniture too.