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    must be nice!

    dcg was due at 630a ....i txted at just called to say she overslept so dcg wont be coming and could she tomorrow? (she only comes M and W's)
    told her i'm sorry but i'm full tomorrow so i have no room.

    then says, well since i already paid you can you apply to next week?

    NO! i'm open and YOU arent coming...not my fault.

    ok, i'm good after that vent LOL

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    did you tell her that you wouldnt put it twoard next week? Smart girl!


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      Isn't that so nice had the same thing yesterday parent was supposed to be here at 5:30 didnt show up until 7:45. They called at 6:30 and said they were running late. Since no one else got here till 7:30 I could have slept more oh well

      Sorry it happend to you too.


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        Good for you. I had a parent do this to me and expect to exchange one of their days also and gave me grief over not wanting to accomodate them. All I did was use the example of her and gym membership. She paid a fee to go to the gym 3 days a week on certain days and if she didn't show up they would not let her show up on a different day. If she wanted to work out any day that she wanted or more days a week then she needed to change her contract and pay the higher membership rate. That shushed her right up .


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          My very first child/parent of the day pulls this stuff all the time and I'm about fed up with it! I'm not a morning person and that extra 15-30 minutes makes a big difference to me!


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            I always feel sort of whiney when I bitch about this but quite honestly it really makes a huge difference.

            my earliest gets here at 7am. I hate it. He is leavign (Friday is his last day). My next earliest is 7:30 but mom doesn't usually get here until 8. Until now it hasn't mattered because I'm already up for 7am - but I'm concidering letting her know we need to firm up the drop off time because that 1/2 hour is HUGE!!!!


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              The parent must pay for ANY day their child misses child care for any reason. If your child is absent any day of the week you are still responsible to drop them off and pick them up at the contracted times each attending day thereafter. We do not make up any time for missed days. Absences on one day do not allow you to use more day care hours on any other day. Part time children can not attend the day care on an unscheduled day to make up for a missed scheduled day.