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  • I'm So Furious - People Are So Stupid!

    We had our driveway seal-coated today. I posted a notice and told people they would need to walk around the driveway today plus there was ribbon strung across the end of the driveway.

    So WHY ON GODS GREEN EARTH would a dcm walk under the ribbon and onto the driveway where there clearly was lots of wet mushy seal coat? She ruined her shoes and now we have foot prints all over in it that will be there for the next 2 years.

    I need a drive thru window for drop-offs and pick-ups! The 5 minutes I spend with each parent each day is WAY TOO MUCH! I can do kids - adults not so much!

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    Wow! How rude and inconsiderate! I'd charge her to have it fixed.


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      Wow ... just wow. That would make me very angry.


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        Originally posted by bklsmum View Post
        Wow! How rude and inconsiderate! I'd charge her to have it fixed.


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          I would charge her to have it touched up - you did give notice! Frustrated for you!!!! What did she say when she picked up?!


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            I would charge her for it in a heartbeat!!!


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              Omg, that's ridiculous! What was her reaction? Did she blame you, did she apologize? I would have been so ticked!!


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                WOW! What did you say? I'm not sure I would have been able to contain myself...


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                  Oh hell no. I just stained and sealed a new 140 sq ft deck last weekend so I understand the pain you must be feeling; have them pay to redo it

                  I made sure all my parents knew by the Friday before to use the backdoor thru Monday night pick-up (deck was stained & sealed on Saturday but takes 48 to dry); I even taped off the stairs with a sign that said… DO not walk on these steps before 8pm Monday night. (I have steps that are gated at entrance of the deck)

                  My families didn't walk thru the tape - I hung 2 rows of bright blue so even the neighbors could see


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                      I would make them pay for repairs .


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                        any updates?


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                          I was in the back yard with the kids but I heard my husband say "I wouldn't do that if I were you" then I heard him directing her to get off the driveway and walk around. Seriously, there was yellow caution tape and she ducked right under it like it wasn't meant for her! I knew her shoes were ruined but we didn't realize that she left footprints all over until after dc was over.

                          I'm really just speechless.

                          I am so tired of not being able to have things!

                          Our dining room is NOT part of the daycare but the kids and parents have to walk by there when coming between the front door and the dc room. I have my grandmas antique cookie jar on the table for decoration. Last week I walked in just in time to see dcgirl climbing up and lifting the lid. I told her to get down but what was her mom doing letting her get up there?? Well, "she just wanted to see what was in it!"

                          The parents are responsible for the kids for about 2 minutes and 50 feet but they struggle to keep them in line.

                          My hubby and I got my flower garden all finished up last night but I told him I bet the kids will pick the new flowers.



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                            Here are some pictures of the flower garden and a portion of the blacktop (not where she walked.) You can see how they just need to walk up to the door and come in but NO, they play in the garden and ruin my things.

                            Those giant rocks along the edge are new - we had to put them there to prevent the dc parents from running over the sprinkler heads. Broken twice in 2 weeks!
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                              By the time you retire from daycare, you WILL be crazy.

                              I want to b**tch slap that DCM for you.