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  • Rsv

    So Mom of my 18 month old DCB comes in today with a bottle of cough medicine and says " here if you can get him to take this give it to him but if you can't no big deal, he was at the DR. Saturday and the DR. said it's a classic case of RSV" I stood there staring at her with my mouth open until she says " what, can't he be here" I proceded to get the Dr.s office on the phone and let the nurse tell her, luckily they use the same peds office that I always have so they know me. They at first told her two weeks and then after she told them that he was here all of last week coughing they told her that he atleast needs to stay home this week.

    Not that I wish sickness on any child, and he did seem to be fine when he was here but this is my "naughty kid" not really naughty but intop everything, loud etc. so to not have him this week is like a little mini vacation for me and the other kids I still don't understand what she was thinking, she seriously didn't think it was any big deal.

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    my son has RSV when he was an infant and was hospitalized. that is so contagious!!!


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      I would have asked her WHY she felt it was okay to bring him.


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        Originally posted by Crystal View Post
        I would have asked her WHY she felt it was okay to bring him.
        She said the Dr. never said anything so she didn't figure it was a big deal. This is an older Mom, has two older kids 18 and 19, I would think since she has done this before she would be a little bit wiser about some things but she is very clueless.


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          I'd be reminding her that ANY time a child is required to see a doctor due to illness, that they may not return without a signed, dated, doctor's note.

          Wow, just wow :confused:


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            In your case, the doctor of the child told them to stay home, but I found the following information in a book about illnesses and exclusion that is given to child care providers and centers by the department of public health:

            RSV(Respiratory syncytial virus) is a common respiratory illness is viral. It is the leading cause of bronchiolitis and pneumonia in infants and young children under 2 years of age. RSV spreads quickly to adults and children. Outbreaks occur every year during winter and spring. My health-wise handbook that was prepared and distributed by the local public health department says the only reason to exclude a child with RSV is if they have a fever or if they are not well enough to participate in normal daily activities. The spread of the virus is through respiratory secretions. The secretions contain the virus for 2-8 days although some infants can spread the virus for 3-4 weeks. RSV is dangerous to young infants and people with compromised immune systems. Otherwise the symptoms are like a common cold and most people are unaware that they even have it.

            I totally agree with you though that it will be nice to have the break from a kid who is a handful already. Those seem to be the ones parents bring no matter how sick they are!!! LOL!!


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              Well I had thought about the fact that he WAS here all of last week coughing on everything and everybody so it has already been spread around, which is why I didn't want to make the call as to whether or not he could stay. I should add to the "Thankful" thread that I am thankful that the Dr. made the call for him to stay home