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Colicky dcb Has an Ear Infection

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  • Colicky dcb Has an Ear Infection

    He is about 20 times more miserable than normal. But he is on antibiotics and no fever and etc, so how could I tell them they couldn't bring him. My head is pounding, and his high pitched scream feels like a jagged steak knife stabbing me in the temples. I had to put him in one of the bedrooms to cry so that I could take some exedrine migraine! Ugh. Going to be a long day! For those who had babies in their care with colic, what did you do with them? The stuff you can do with a small baby doesn't work here, because he is almost 7 months and on the go. He hates swaddling, grabs the bar to the swing, not sure what else to do with him. He screams less when I carry him, but my back can't take it and either can my head! And it just isn't fair to the other kids. My son had colic for the first year of his life, but he was my own and I didn't have 7 other kids in the house to take care of. So what do I do? DCD warned me that he was really crabby when he dropped him off.

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    Well if it were me, I would call her and have her come get him. That it is too much and it is also too much of a disruption. Sometimes even without a fever etc, the best place for them to be is in moms arms.