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  • Is This Confusing To You?

    I have a SA boy that comes for about 1/2 hour in the morning and originally was supposed to be here until about 15 minutes in the afternoon.

    I felt as though I could be nice and not charge my full SA rate because it was such little time.
    So I told Dad I'd give him a discount of $25.00 week.
    Instead of $75 I'd charge $50.

    But as I posted somewhere else - his pick up time is getting later and later each day.

    This morning there was a 90 minute delay for school and I still assumed I'd see him at 7am. Nope. at 8:00 I finally called Dad - apparently dcb was home with mom was sick and she would get him to school. DKdad didn't know if dcb would be getting off the bus here after school or not but he'd let me know.

    He just called to let me know that he would indeed be getting off the bus here so I took this moment to clarify things.

    I said "I just wanted to clarify when _______ is supposed to be picked up after school. When we originally spoke you stated that he'd be picked up by 4pm - so you were given a discounted rate. But it seems that he is being picked up closer to 4:30 lately. If 4:30 is his new pick up time I am OK with that I just need to adjust your weekly rate because you would no longer qualify for the discount"

    he said "oh - sometimes in the fall I have to work later that is why. And I thought you were open until 4:30"

    I said "I am open until 4:30 and the children that are here until 4:30 pay the full time rate. If you need care until 4:30 I am completely OK with that - but, as I said I'd have to change the rate back to the standard $75.00 per week."

    he seemed so confused. :confused:

    Am I not being clear?

    Oh and can I also add that his sister was originally going to be picking dcb up every single day on her way by at about 3:55 and did in the beginning. So the fact that HE is working late shouldn't be impacting this at all as his sister was supposed to be doign the pick ups. My theory is that sister doesn't want to pick up anymore and dad decided to just start picking up later and later rather than have a conversation with me - which I would have been completely open to.

    When I hung up the phone he made me feel as though I was being unreasonable.

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    Your explanation is not at all confusing to me...can't see why it might be confusing to him. Maybe he wasn't confused by the explanation maybe he was embarressed for "getting caught" for trying to get extra care without paying for it!! Good for you for standing up for yourself.


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      I completely understand your explanation, but one thing you may want to clarify is that $75 isn't your FULL time rate, it's your SA rate. That was a little confusing. He was getting a discount from the SA rate b/c he was supposed to be picked up by 4. You can say that each parent is paying based on how many hours the child is in your care. Since he's now being picked up consistently at 4:30pm, he needs to pay the full SA rate, $75.


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        The new contracts I've been using state contracted times and unfortunately for me. he was NOT one of the new people to sign the NEW one. Instead it just says 50 for before and after school care.

        But that is OK because all of my contracts were made to expire 12/31/10 so that I could up date all of my handbook and regulations and everyone signs a new contract by 1/1/11 and confirms they understand ad have read ALL of my new information.


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          Was he aware when he originally signed on that he was getting a rate that was discounted from your normal SA rate? That's the only place I can see where there might be some confusion on his part (if he wasn't aware that the $50 rate was a discount).


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            No, I made it very clear to him that it was a discounted rate.