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Snow in CT and..

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  • Snow in CT and..

    no boots, no hats.. no gloves = no outdoor time

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    Ooooh! I call parents at work and say "Hey we are heading outside and since so and so doesn't have proper clothing, could you run some by. I don't want ALL the kids to miss out on going outside because one person forgot." I only do this because I warn everyone waaaay ahead of time to start sending kids with proper clothing and that I will call if they forget. So for my parents, it isn't like they didn't know! If they can't come, they can have friends or family do it or they can come pick their child up. So NOT fair for some kids to not get to do something because one parent forgot or didn't care. After I call and say that once, it usually NEVER happens again. Parents never seem to realize it is not just their family you provide services for and what one parent does effects all the others.....