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Is This Normal For A Parent To Ask?

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  • Is This Normal For A Parent To Ask?

    I have a pregnant mom (i watch her 1yr old dd) that asked me what I offer for Maternity Leave.

    I was so confused.

    She went on to say she didn't see it mentioned in my handbook.

    I said "because I don't plan on having any more kids"

    i really wasn't getting it.

    She said - No, I mean for dd what kind of maternity leave do you offer for her?

    I looked at her so puzzled.

    She said "when I'm on maternity leave I will be off work for 3 months - do you offer time off that I don't have to pay for care?"

    I must have looked like an idiot because until she spelled it out I was so clueless..LOL

    I told her "no, you have to pay for the spot just as if you were on vacation. But feel free to bring her during that time. it will make for great bonding for you and the new baby !!"

    Do you guys offer free time off for maternity???

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    Nope, not for them! For me, sure, although I'm not planning on taking it (can't afford it!), but not for the daycare families. I think I used to have it that they paid half-rate for it, but I don't remember. Now I don't have anything in there, although I probably should, so I'm curious to see other responses.
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      it would depend on the family for the past i charge 1/2 rate to hold the spot. but typically the parents still bring the current child to care while they are home on leave.


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        These days I do offer to reduce a full-timer's rate to part-time ($25 per week reduction), as long as they come no more than 25 hours per week. I do this because I can afford to do it now and I enjoy the lighter workload. Back when I first started I offered no break in cost for maternity leave - if they wanted to secure the spots for their current child and the new baby, they paid for care during maternity leave.


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          Interesting. Something I should add now that I'm redoing my contract a bit.

          When my oldest DD was in daycare, I paid the fulltime rate while on maternity leave, but I also send my DD fulltime so I could rest and she could have socialization. I was a teacher so we picked up early, like 3pm, so it wasn't a very long day anyway.


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            It always amazes me how parents don't take a minute to see things from our side of the situation. Do they ask things like this at centers too?

            I've never had the situation come up, but I've decided that if they're going to be out for 2-4 weeks, they pay half rate to hold the spot, but if they're off more than 4, they have to pay the full rate after that.


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              I think this is something normal for a parent to ask. It has been in my handbook since day 1! They have to pay half tuition the entire time unless child is coming here as usual (duh) and then pay half tuition for me to hold the new baby's spot as well.


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                No paid maternity leave for me, except for the times they bring their kids in.


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                  Originally posted by TGT09 View Post
                  I think this is something normal for a parent to ask. It has been in my handbook since day 1! They have to pay half tuition the entire time unless child is coming here as usual (duh) and then pay half tuition for me to hold the new baby's spot as well.
                  Same for me. The section in the contract addresses it as extended leave. It covers maternity leave, extended illness (parent or child), out of state custody (2 of my dck's are gone right now b/c of this), teachers off for the summer; basically any extended leave up to 12 weeks to hold their spot. It's only for full time dck's, they pay half price and can bring the child up to 2 days a week at this rate.


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                    I offer half rate/half time, but all of my Mom's have always paid me full rate and brought their kids part time. I have had several siblings born into my program, and it has always worked out this way.

                    As far as centers, they typically don't charge for maternity leave. There is typically always an opening available, so parents can leave and come back if they want.....unless infant care is hard to get at the center, then they would keep the oldest in care/pay fulltime so they can slide into an infant space because they have priority.


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                      I offer half rate fees.


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                        I would offer them 1/2 rate for up to 3 month's timeframe & allow them to send an older child for 2 1/2 days/week.


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                          Nope I do not offer any type of maternity leave to the parents if they are gonna be out 2 or 3 months they either pay fulltime weekly rate or if they dont they have to give me 2 week notice and I fill the spot and if the spot is open for that child I let them back.


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                            It is a valid question and it's up to you what to allow. I strongly urge my parents to keep children in my care. In my experiences the older children adjust better if their schedule stays consistant, and mom gets to have more one-on-one time with the new baby.


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                              I have 3 preg mommas right now,... well 2, one was born 4 weeks ago. Mom is at home on mat leave, I still get boy every day, not as long of hours as normal, but I still get him. I will get new baby as well. Hopefully she will be as easy as he was.