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    thats cd's NOT cloth diapers ::

    I'm looking to purchase more music for our daycare and wanted to know your favorites?

    just seems all the ones i'm finding pretty much have the same songs..

    so whats yours?

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    I checked one out from the library, but I have no idea what it was called. The singer is Hap Palmer. It has the regular songs...I'm a little tea pot, ring around the rosie, etc. However, he sings it the "normal" way and then the next part is a hipper version. It's one of the few cds that doesn't annoy me I'll try to find the title.


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      Found the title! It's so original...Early Childhood Classics. Aside from the lame title, I love the cd.


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        For naptime lullabies, I LOVE "Blink" by Plumb. Amazing songs and lyrics, and since I've listened to it for 2 hours, 5 days a week for the past year and a half, it's passed the test of listen-ability without annoy-ability ::.


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          We do Vivaldi, the Four Seasons at nap. For play the kids like the Veggie Tales Jr's Playtime (I think that is what it is called), Music Together - Drum Song Collection, Walt Disney's Children's Favorite songs #1, Choo Choo Soul, they Might be Giants - Here come the ABCs. I also have some compliations that a friend made me.


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            absolutely anything by red grammer. hello world is my favorite album of his. I listen to it over and over...

            i just picked up a CD from a yard sale- putumayo presents: world playground, a musical adventure for kids. the website on the back of the CD is . each song is sung in a different language. its a really cool CD, and the kids seem to like it.

            greg and steve
            laurie berkner
            sountrack to toy story


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              I just pay the $9.95/month to have rhapsody, then I can always listen to something different, and I have speakers hooked up to my laptop, I like it, you can pretty much listen to everything.