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DC Parent Birthdays?

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  • DC Parent Birthdays?

    Do you have your dcks do anything for their parents' birthdays? I have a DCK who's dad had a birthday over the weekend and I noticed on Facebook. I'm not sure if we should make a card and present or if it's no big deal.

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    Well, a couple months ago dcm told me her birthday was coming and when it was. So, I had the kids all participate in making her a beaded necklace (I already had tons of beads and the elastic for it from previous crafts). I debated on it, wondering if she would really appreciate it.
    Well, when we gave it to her (in the morning before she went to work), she immediately put it on and was so proud that her kids had made her a necklace. She has worn the necklace quite a few times. I think she really appreciated it.
    I think that if you know it's a parent birthday, it never hurts to have the kids make them something... a card, a picture, a painting, a necklace or bracelet, anything! Hopefully they just love it b/c it came from their kids, but it also shows that you care and have acknowledged their special day.


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      I don't have the kids do anything for their parents birthdays. I have had some 4 -5 year olds get out some construction paper and do it on their own though.


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        We bake chocolate chip cookies or bars. The kids love baking and I do, too. We bake them in the morning, have one for pm snack, and then it goes home with the parent. It's a win-win for everyone (especially me since I don't have to keep the cookies at my house!).