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When DCK's are Spanked at Home (2)

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  • When DCK's are Spanked at Home (2)

    Originally Posted BY Ninosqueridos:

    When dck's Are Spanked at Home....


    how do you discipline? I know for a fact that dck is spanked at home (we obviously don't spank here). Dck just does not listen and is not fazed by time out. Sometimes dck will cry in TO but then it's back to the same thing. Naps are turning into nightmares. Dck is waking everyone up with screaming, yelling, shaking the crap out of the playpen, etc. I tried taking away dck's loveys, blankies, etc. but still the same behavior. Apparently only spanking works (as dcm has said). WTH am I supposed to do?!?!? Oh and dck is 21 months.

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    wow. I missed something.

    Today 3 kids were woken by said dck (after only 30 min, usually a 2 hour nap ). I tried ignoring dck for almost 2 hours and the screams/shaking from dck's room were just too loud. I will not bring said dck downstairs to play as I know this is exactly what dck wants. Not even 2 years old. Ugh. Hope this is just a phase. I will be getting some additional white noise for the others.


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      I'm just going to throw a few things out may have already tried them...

      Does the child sleep in the same room as everyone else? If so, can she sleep elsewhere? In a bedroom with a monitor on?

      White noise?

      Is the nap schedule workable with her schedule? Is she over tired or not tired at all? Can you add an activity that might help to burn off some energy or calm her down, depending on what the issue is?

      Do you have a good transitional our house, lunch, outside play, story time, nap...during nap time I play music, the room is darkened, and I am in the room keeping the peace until everyone is asleep.

      Have you tried a nap matt? I have a child that sleeps fine on a matt, but if you put her in a pack-n-play she makes it her personal challenge to either get out or rock it until I go get her out of fear that she hurts herself.

      You just have to figure out what will be a motivator at your house, since you can't follow her parents discipline method.