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If You Babysit Your DCK On Weekends..

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  • If You Babysit Your DCK On Weekends..

    How much do you charge per hour? It'd be for one of my 3 year olds and his 5 year old brother.

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    I charge $10/hr which is my overtime rate, and $5/hr for overnights.


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      My regular rate comes out to about $3.10 an hour and so I charge $5 an hour(that's my overtime rate) and that's about what the going rate is in my area. I don't however do planned activities/crafts like I would normally and the families know this. It's more of a free play type of day with our routine meals and nap time. Also if I have plans, errands etc. the kid(s) go with me.
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        I only offer care on Saturday and only to one child at a time. Saturdays are my time to get things done and I cant do that hauling more than one kid around. well, I could but I choose not to. I charge a flat rate of $35 during the day, $40 for the afternoon/evening, $45 if they're getting home after 10pm and $50 for an all nighter. I usually just have the same boy here on Saturdays from 8-3 while his mom works. I'm also willing to barter services with my clients for Saturday care, depending on what they're offering, .
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          I would likely charge $9-10/hr for 2 kids. My regular rate is just about $2.50/hr for one child so for 2 kids on a weekend it needs to be worth my time.