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  • The Best and the Worst

    Hello there!
    I am comtemplating the idea of running a family daycare and am trying to get a feeling of the business.
    I would like to ask you: what is the best part of what you do, and what is the worst?

    Thank you all.


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    Best: being home with my own kids, not having to leave the house in the morning to get to work, reasonable pay

    Worst: long hours (12 hour days), daycare taking over the house, no breaks, no other adults around during the day to vent to or trade off with


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      Best : The Main reason I do this is to be at home with my kids.

      Also love not having to commute / working for a boss.. / My business..I call the shots.

      Worst - Toll it is taking on my house / Dealing with the Parents / Full Moons / Long hours


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        the best part - being at home.

        the worst part - being at home.

        LOL. i started doing it because my last job at a school ended when the grant money ended and being as though i had the experience/education/resources to do it -it seemed like a great idea.

        i stopped doing it several months ago because i don't like being at home. many people do and that's great, but for me it didn't work. i felt very secluded. i think i'm the exception though. i have to be out and about in order to be happy.


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          Best-- Getting paid to stay home with my child (soon to be children), being my own boss, calling the shots, not having to be somewhere on time.

          Worst--Dealing with dopey parents, pay not the greatest, income limited by state law (based on number of children I can have), pay goes down when I have another child of my own (takes up a space), my house getting messy (I'm not the greatest housekeeper anyway, and this makes me struggle even more)
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            Best: I get hugs all day long::, being my own boss, being able to throw in a load of laundry while at work, and I really enjoy what I do!

            Worst: Paperwork (esp. for taxes) I despise it! Long hours- and it can be physically exhausting at times, hard to get a day off.


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              Originally posted by DBug View Post
              Best: being home with my own kids, not having to leave the house in the morning to get to work, reasonable pay

              Worst: long hours (12 hour days), daycare taking over the house, no breaks, no other adults around during the day to vent to or trade off with
              Completely agree with this.


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                Best: Staying home with my kids, don't have to get ready for work, no commute, not having to answer to a boss, being able to get arrands done if I need to, I enjoy the moments when the kids learn something new or decide to get "lovey" with hugs

                Worst: Dealing with parents, enforcing my policies, long hours, hard to get time off, unpaid personal time off, my house being taken over


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                  Best: staying home during bad weather; hugs and laughter; all the kids go home at the end of the day (I have none of my own)

                  Worst: paperwork; taxes; not having enough time to work on the curriculum I'm trying to establish
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                    Best: I am my own boss. I take the time off when I want (scheduled in advance) I make my own rules and I get to be the planner, implementer, and receiver of all the good things that come from kids! ie; hugs, kisses etc.

                    Worst: The rare parent that treats me like their hired help or teenage babysitter


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                      I don't have children of my own but I love working with children in a home environment. I was a nanny for 14 years before switching to home daycare. I enjoy/ed each equally although they were different in a variety of ways.

                      The best things about home daycare:*Watching the children in my care grow and develop and discover the world around them. I love being a part of their lives and having a small impact on who they become.

                      *I enjoy building friendships with my clients. I'm good friends/neighbours with two clients and business friends with the others but each parent brings something into my life in some way.

                      *I love working from home, absolutely love it. I can do housework and yardwork when the kids are engaged in other things or I can have them help me. I love not having to commute to work in unpleasant weather. If I'm not feeling great or it's just a blah day, I can wear sweats.

                      *I love being my own boss. I love not having to answer to anyone or do their bidding. Yes, I respect the parents' choices but to a point and I do my best to ensure the families in my care have similar child rearing philosophies as I do. I like not doing a craft one day because the kids would rather play a dress up game. I love getting outside when I choose to. I love taking the kids out into the community but I also love holing up inside and playing all day

                      The downside to home daycare:*Not being entitled to government benefits like unemployment, a pension, dental/perscription coverage, etc. (I'm in Canada so health care is covered)

                      *The loneliness. I'm a bit of an introvert so I don't mind being alone usually however sometimes it would be nice to have the interaction of co-workers. I'm fortunate that I have a good friend who does home daycare (met her through a message board in the spring!) in my area. She and I deal with our groups similarly so we work well together and we get together a couple times a week. I also have friends who are able to make personal calls or emails at work.

                      *The house is not your own. Because I live alone my house doesn't get trashed too badly, especially because I'm a tidy person but defentitely not a neat freak. I like items put away and dishes washed at the end of the day but you'll almost always see hairballs on the floor thanks to four cats and a dog and I'd never pass a white glove inspection. In my home, my whole living room and the master bedroom (right next to the living room) are devoted to the daycare. I don't even have a couch to sit on. I do have a recliner and I usually sit in my desh chair but occasionally it'd be nice to spread out on the couch or invite some friends over for a movie. For the most part, however, I don't mind the way my home is set up and am quite proud of it, really.
                      Doing what I love and loving what I do.


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                        As a 23 year old who has no kids of her own, and just lives with her husband and cat....

                        1. Being your own boss
                        2. no commute to work
                        3. being on your own schedule
                        4. controlling what clients you accept (I was a public school teacher prior to this!)
                        5. being with kids all day. Watching them learn and have fun is a blast ( I have all preschoolers)

                        1. Long day with no real break (nap time is semi break I guess..but there is still stuff to do and you are still responsible for them)
                        2. Keeping your house clean is a must-I'm constantly vaccuming.


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                          Thank you so much for your answers. I have to say, the pros sound amazing, and the cons exhausting hahaha especially the long hours and all the cleaning.
                          I will ask more questions later.

                          Thanks again!