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    Hi, I am new to the site and have really enjoyed reading the threads. I have a question and thought I would get some imput from some one who has been there done that I have a dcb that I have been keeping for almost a month. He is 6 months old. He wants me to hold him or play with him all day. As much as I would love to cuddle a baby all day I just can't. I have my two children that need my attention as well. I have finally gotten him to nap in the pnp sometimes, but he needs to be patted on the back to fall asleep. Sometimes he doesn't nap at all. He is always more needy after a long weekend (I only watch him four days a week.) I think the older children overstimulate him so he had a hard time calming down to rest, even though he is exausted. I have two other toddlers (siblings) starting in a week and a half. I am very worried because I don't know how dcb will respond to this. I have to have time for all my kids to have care and attention, not just dcb. I have another family with a toddler wanting care as well. I can't take this child because I would be over my limit (5). I would love to have all toddlers and older so that everyone can be on the same page. My question is what to do about dcb? Do I stick it out because I made the commitment to keep him? Term him and watch all toddlers? He has already been through three home daycares for various reasons. I assured the mom that I wouldn't be quitting any time soon, so I am feeling really guilty about even considering terming him. I really like his mom and grandma. However, mom always pays late. (she is young, working part time and going to school) I really want to help them, but I also want to do whats best for my own kids as well as my soon-to-be other dcks. So what would you do?

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    How long have you had the baby? I have been doing daycare for 11 years and in my experience it takes at least a month to get an infant straightened out and into a new schedule. Please do not give up on a child. The world as a whole has already done that to most. Stick it out a bit longer. Suggest to momma to put the baby down and walk away, crying is good for them. Good luck!


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      My opinion= from my expeirience, is that if the child annoys you more that he makes you smile, term them and find someone else. In your situation, I would get another toddler.


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        I really appreciate your replies. Its just such a hard decision. I have had him for a month, and really enjoy having him. It is just so hard when I have to start over each week with him. I think they must entertain him all weekend at home. I want to do whats fair for everyone. It isn't very fair for one child to get 75% of my attention. His mom is very laid back and of course says he doesn't act that way at home I have decided to give it two more weeks and see if we can get it worked out. I think 6 weeks is a fair amout of time to get used to the schedule. It doesn't help when she brings him late half the time. It makes it very difficult to get anyone on a good schedule. The funny thing is that when we had our interview the thing they were worried about most was me keeping him on his schedule so he would continue so sleep all night.


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          I think sometimes it takes a bit of time to get them on your schedule and around six months they become more active and want to stay up more and not miss out on things. I have a 7 month old daycare boy who use to nap more in the am but now its about only and hour and he will take a two hour nap in the afternoon when everyone else is napping which is nice. Good luck


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            I guess it really depends on how long you have had him it takes time for kids to adjust to a new situation and person. Let him cry it out and he will learn that you will not hold him all the time and yes he will cry on Mondays more because he is being held all weekend but then he will readjust to you not holding him all the time you have to teach him because Mom wont and he will get better. If I was to term I would do it for Mom always paying late trust me when you do a FAVOR there is always another to follow and you should be charging late fees for these late payments so they will stop.


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              I have one that cried for 2 months, the better part of 7 out of the 9 she was here. Her crying was making my toddler and other baby cry, so I put her in a pak-n-play in the other room while she had "her fit'. Her's was totally from being held at home alot. Made sure she was fed and dry before, letting her cry it out.

              I would go check on her about every 10-15 min. try and take her out, sometimes she stopped and would not cry when I put her down in the bouncy etc. But if she started the screaming (and I do mean screaming), I took her right back to the other room.

              Two months later, she fussy ONLY when she is hungry or needs a nap. I can give her a bottle go lay her down and she goes straight to sleep.


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                Are you licensed? I am only asking because sometimes, depending on your individual situation and your ratios etc, you can request a variance and still remain legal. Variances vary from state to state and situation to situation so I am only asking so that you could possibly talk to your licensor about it.
                I had one once when I needed to have one more toddler outside my legal capacity but was short on preschooler maximum so my licensor allowed it because I had a helper and I never went over the total maximum amount of kids i can legally it is worth looking into to see what your options are. Especially if your others are older and don't require as much or if any of your kids have short hours or days of attendance.