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    Hello! I just stumbled across this forum and I must say, I'm pretty thrilled. I'm fairly new to the childcare field, I've been a licensed family childcare provider for about 5 months now. I love what I do, and I'm excited to have found a place to connect with like minded providers

    I do have one question that you might be able to help me with.... When I first created my contract I stated that I would be taking 2 weeks vacation at Christmas time. When I wrote this I meant for this to be "paid vacation time", however, I neglected to include this in the contract. This has just been brought to my attention by my husband and I'm at a loss for what to do. Should I bring it up with my families and ask them to resign (but risk that they say no) or do I ignore it until closer to and deal with it when the time comes? I don't want to lose my families or my paid vacation.. What do I do?

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    If I ever need to add or change something (which is okay, because we never know what our policies will or should be until a situation occurs) I usually just print up something up in a short note letting parents know of the additional info and have them read and sign it and I tuck the note into their folders. Just say something like..."It has come to my attention, that I need to clarify Christmas vacation rates..." or " I recently noticed that I did not add_____________ to my contract in regards to vacation payments." I think it is a fairly normal thing for child cares to charge for vacations or days off. Not everyone does it, but I doubt you will lose parents over it. Especially if they feel they have found a provider they like and trust, most parents are perfectly willing to pay to keep something good.


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      Yes, what BlackCat said. I recently had an issue with wording on something in my contract that apparently wasn't clear to a DCM so I wrote a notice to all of my families that said something along the lines of "Upon reviewing my policies I have decided to change the verbage to clarify this information..." And then ask the parents to keep this notice. If you are changing a policy then I would give a two weeks notice of effectiveness and give a date. "These changes will be in full effect as of [date]".


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        That sounds like a great idea. It's always good to hear what someone else in my situation has done in the past! I'll print something out now. Thank you both for your response


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          Please let me know how this turns out. Right now I do not take paid vacation. I dont know if I ever will because I dont know how parents can afford to pay providers and someone else to watch their child, I know I could not. I would like to maybe do a 1/2 rate or something.


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            i agree i do the same i have no paid time off besides x mas day and thanksgiving day....