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    Ugh parents just make me so stinking mad. I am so tired of being disrespected and under appreciated. So, I just bought my first home and I'm moving about a mile down the road. Now I am open from 6:30am until 5:30pm. All of my kids leave at 5pm except this one family. Well.... ugh today she comes and tells me that they are concerned with the move and the extra gas mileage and time. What, seriously it's a mile. Then she says they are having trouble getting her at 5:30. The child's father works 15 minutes away and gets out at 4pm. There is no reason for her to get picked up late.

    So, here is what the mother thinks would be fair...
    She would like me to stay open until at least 6pm and they would like a reduction in her child care rate due to the extra driving. WHAT??? SERIOUSLY??

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    Are you kidding?
    That is almost funny - if it weren't so sad.


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      so dad wants an extra 30 minutes to go a mile? what does he drive a horse and cart? and a reduction in fees for it as well??? ROFL,... dont let the door hit ya.... where the good Lord,.. well,.. you get it.


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        What an idiot. :: It sounds like they are trying to make any excuse to get it out of your rate.. If they are complained about it then I will let them go..


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          Ha! Why do some feel it's on their terms? That is crazy...I would no way extend your hours...if the dad gets out at 4, why doesn't he come get the child?


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            that is beyond crazy! who do they think they are? I wouldnt change a darn thing! if it was me, the hours would remain the same......and the pay. it's not their choice.

            Good luck with your move!


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              Uhhhh....ok. Because the world revolves around you! Sorry they must have gotten hit with the stupid stick! Good luck dealing with that! LOL!


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                Maybe you should RAISE their rates, since dad can't pickk up his daughter after work, and you need to pay for this new house-which is thier child's new daycare!


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                  It would be tempting to print them out a google map showing dad the quickest route from his work to your new house.....those maps generally include driving time!....(by the way...congrats on the new house.)


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                    wow :: i would have a hard time not laughing IN their faces....personally if you CAN afford it, let them go and surprise them w/it! they obviously do not appreciate you !


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                      I am shocked at their boldness! Wow, you move a mile away & they aexpect more time in care & less $$$. IT does not add up. How did you respond when mon said that? I would be even stricter with this family. I would not think twice about re-doing their contract to include EARLIER pick-up hours (like 5:00, since dad is off at 4:00). The fact that he picks up so late is ridiculous. sorry you have to deal with such imbeciles!


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                        What did you say to her? I would have a very hard time keeping a straight face. I think I would have assumed she was joking -- I would have laughed out loud ::. Anybody who seriously makes those demands is asking to be cut loose!


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                          I didn't know what to say, my mouth seriously just dropped. Here's the conversation!

                          Me: Well, it's probably not even a mile away and it's on the same road.

                          Mom: It's a mile further from us though and we have such a hard time getting to work on time as it is.

                          Me: I'm sorry about that, but when you get her brother on the early bus an hour earlier couldn't you just wake dcg up as well?

                          Mom: It's a little too early so if I can go into work later then I wont get out on time and I couldn't be here any earlier than 6pm.

                          Me: Ok, but dad gets out at 4pm. He works 10 miles away so at the very latest he should be here at 4:30.

                          Mom: Well he likes to go home and have some time to himself

                          Me: Well, I like my family time and since I am already up at 6:30 I am not willing to put in any extra time. As it it, all of my children leave by 5pm so just dcg is here that late.

                          Mom: Ok, I'll have to talk with my husband. I haven't gotten any sleep all week. We really love it here but it's just going to be such a strain on us now.

                          Me: Well I'm sorry to hear that but remember it's two full week notice. So this week doesn't count since it's nearly over.

                          It's almost comical if it didn't insult me so much!!


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                            [QUOTE=gbcc;49718]Me: Well I'm sorry to hear that but remember it's two full week notice. So this week doesn't count since it's nearly over. QUOTE]

                            Good for you for saying this - I'm not sure I would have put it quite so nicely!::


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                              You should tell her that you charge $x for 6:30-5 and then tell her you charge double that amount from 5 to 6. I have found that money changes everything when it comes to respecting opening and closing times. I am open from 7:30-5:30. I charge $10 per 15 minutes for any early drop offs or late pick ups. Seems no one really repeats the behavior after being charged. I look at it like over-time. I just smile and say "No problem, but keep in mind the rates for non-business hours..." Works every time. And on the flip side if the parent just pays up and continues to do it...well that's okay because look at the extra money you'll make! I am strict about it too, for example they get charged the $10 for 5:31-5:44 and on the 5:45 mark, I immediately add the next $10. Stand your ground!