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Do You Do Part Time Kids?

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  • Do You Do Part Time Kids?

    What do you charge?
    I have a mom (that left 3 months ago) that wants to come back with her dd but also wants to add her older son 3x per week.
    dd would be full time.
    I normally would charge full time for a part time spot
    I have a boy who is here 4x per week and he is charged full time rate.

    Would you do the same for this little boy or would you reduce the rate?

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    I would divide reg rate by 5, add 25 % to the cost, and use that per day for him.


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      I wouldn't take a three day a week child unless they had a sibling full time already.....such as this case. I would make sure that if you are going to charge them anything less than your regular full time rate that they understand that they pay for three days whether they use it or not and I would get a premium.....especially if it isn't going to be the same three days each week and if there will sometimes be extra days such as school holidays and if I have a child her for three days I like those three days to be in a row...otherwise everyday is like a Monday for the child. It is hard to find a rhythm when they are here every other day....just me.
      I used to charge minimum wage to my three day a week drop in until it sunk in that it would be less expensive to just pay my full time full day rate.
      personally I prefer full timers.


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        Personally I would just charge for days, but they have to be set days for that rate.

        Nearly half of my kids are part-timers. The only stipulation that I have is that it is set days. Most are three days a week; one is two days a week because her mom is on maternity leave at the moment. I divide my full time rate by 5, add $5 then X the # of days. It works out well for me; five kids basically share three spots.

        I have one family, two spots whose mom is a nurse and she works a rotating schedule. Some weeks they are here every day, this week they will only be here on Friday. I charge them the full time rate because I could never take any other kids in that spot. The parents understand and are ok with it.

        I used to look at part timers as 'disruptive' but now I look at it as a 'change of scenery' ~ the I-come-everyday group have different kids to play with everyday.


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          Good news! her current daycare charges full week which is $25 more than my full week so she is happy to do my full time rate!


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