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Knew This Would Happen Eventually....

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  • Knew This Would Happen Eventually....

    2 fussy babies at the same time. Generally neither of them are fussy babies, but today my 8 mo old dcb got really fussy 30 min into his nap. I'm assuming it must be teething, he was totally fine all morning. His crying is setting of the 5 1/2 mo old, so now I'm dealing with 2 sitting here crying off and on, ugh I knew it was bound to happen some time.... Hope the next hour goes fast, his mom picks up then.

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    Oh that is so NOT fun, I have been there before! A couple years ago I took on a new 1 year old girl and she screamed (bad separation anxiety) which scared my easy going 10 month old daycare boy, so they both cried and cried. I wasn't enjoying that so much, .