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  • I have a dream....

    That one day, all babies and toddlers will sleep or at the VERY least, be quiet during nap time! ONE DAY I will get a break!!! Really don't know what to do to fix the issue, because it is NEVER the same kid/baby acting up! UGH!

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    Amen! I share your dream, but doubt the reality of it!!! I have the same issues - different kid every day, but still, no really good nap time! My 16 mo dcb finally started to nap, and to really nap, not just 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there. So, of course, 11 mo dcb decided he needed to take up the screaming at nap time slack!! I have been telling mom about behaviour because I think it's a medical problem, but instead of hearing "I'll take him to doc and let you know" I get "I'm sorry". I don't want apologies!! Apologies don't keep me from tearing my hair out at naptime every day!! I want her to take the baby in to get checked!!