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    I always learn the hard way. I started with a friend's baby 2 months ago. I already had a 3 yr old dcg. Anyway, I told her it was $125 a week. She said okay $500 a month I get paid on the 15th and 30th. I said no, It's $125 a week, some months have 5 weeks! She also gets reimbursed from her work for half. So the first time she paid cash on time. Of course, stupid me, nothing in cotract about late fees. The next time she says I'll pay on Wed I get paid. Okay. This week its now Thursday. She asked me to watch him 2 extra hours last night. I agreed because she is my friend. Dch was not happy with me! He said something in front of her "did you get paid overtime tonight?" I almost died but it was good for her to hear it b/c I am never going to say that. She said later on the phone, Sorry I didn't mean to cause a problem. Today is Thurs, she picks up to take him to his well visit and no pay! I finally said "Did you need to pay me tomorrow or what?" She said, "oh yea, did you need me to bring it back over tonght?" Really?? I bet these parents pay their cable bill and their light bill with no problem. They also don't "forget" to bring their child!!!! I will always have a late fee and strict payment clause in the future! Live and learn. I guess that is part of the problem with having a friend as a client. I mean really, do I seem like I just use the money as casual income?? Really? Thanks for letting me vent!

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    I feel for you. I used to watch my sister-in-law's kids. I didn't have a contract at all with her. When it came time to pay she would deduct for the days or partial days when my niece (or later nieceS) stayed home with her or grandma or if it was a holiday, or whatever. I kept my mouth shut because it's family and I dearly love my nieces. However, I was relieved when it was time for the girls to go to school and I no longer watched them as they are in another city.

    This was years ago (the girls are now 14 and 9) and I was recently griping about someone interviewing and asking about crediting for days not in attendance. I didn't even remember that my sis-in-law used to do this. Another friend who was present said "oh, you charge whether they're there or not?" I said yes, I always have. It was just then that I remembered how my sis-in-law used to pay me. The conversation drifted off from there, but I wonder if she heard it and it sunk in that I was doing her a HUGE favor by letting her deduct for every single little thing. I hope so!


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      I know right?! But the thing is they don't think of you or what you did for them. She came in tonight to pick up (yes, she brought him back after the doctor visit to make sure she got her money's worth for the day) and brought me the money minus 10 dollars. I owed her 6 for a baby mat she got at a garage sale. She said, "I owe you 4 dollars" Really? I watched your child for 2 extra hours yesterday! Really? Uhhh


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        Friend or not, it's never too late to make a contract change .


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          i would be making a contract and giving it to her monday. Tell her you have been so busy that you forgot