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I Have Some Great Families With Me :o)

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  • I Have Some Great Families With Me :o)

    I've been open about a month and, some how , parents have been on time every single day. Today, I knew a mom had a meeting and I had a feeling she may be late. I close at 5. She called at 4:59 and said she was a few minutes away. It is Friday and I was tired with a headache...but I wasn't even going to bother arguing over a late fee for a few minutes (my contract says a dollar a minute) She signed her daughter out at 5:04, opened up her check book and said "How much do I owe you for the late fee?" I said don't worry about it and it was the first time..but she insisted and wanted me to know she appreciates all I do. Amazing. I wish all parents were that grateful!

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    wow, that's awesome! send some of those parents my way


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      Send them my way as well!! I have very good parents, but I have had such very odd parents as well!!


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        I am very happy for you!!


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          Good for you!