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Interview Just to "Check Out My Program"?

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  • Interview Just to "Check Out My Program"?

    A parent contacted me last week to ask about openings, and said that she would like to meet with me to "check out my program". Thing is, she needs two full-time spots, and I don't have any at all right now. I emailed her to say that I may have one f/t coming available in the winter, and that I could put her name on the wait list for that (I have a couple of families with kids attending different daycares, so I thought she may be open to the option). She emailed back saying that she would absolutely need two spots, but that she'd still like to set up an interview in the next couple of weeks.

    The chance is slim to none that two spots will open up. I'm guessing that she wants to come to see my setup, etc, so that she'll have a point of comparison when touring other daycares.

    I'm not sure I want to ""donate" my time to the cause. I do interviews after hours on my own time. I have a professionally printed handbook and a tote bag with my daycare name, that I give out along with all the other paperwork. On the one hand, I could see it as free advertising, as she'll likely mention my daycare to a few other moms. But on the other hand, I'm not sure it's worth my time and materials.

    What would you do? Do the interview or politely decline?

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    I can't see any possible reason to waste your time and hers. I wouldn't do it. I would contact her and say something like this: "I'm very sorry, but you need two spots and I just can't see having 2 spots opening up in the near future, but if I could keep your information, I will definitely call you if the spots become available so you can set up a time to meet me and tour my daycare". That way you are telling her you won't do the interview without being rude and telling her you won't do the interview.....


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      If she is going on the wait list I'd do the interview. If she isn't then I'd likely let her know that I don't have openings at this time and when I do you can do interviews then.


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        Explain to her that you do not do interviews until you have an opening. You can put her on your waiting list when an opening comes available then you will call to set up the interview at that time.


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          Yup, just politely say that you do not interview until the spot becomes available.


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            Nope. There would be no way she would 'check out my program' unless there were a possibility of her children enrolling. I would politely offer to put her name on the waiting list and if two spots open up, you will contact her.

            People just get stranger and stranger, don't they?